Tonga Aid Relief

June 10, 2022

Theresa House Project

On January 15th, Tonga was devastated by the violent eruption of Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai. It triggered a tsunami that touched much of the Pacific. Communications, infrastructure, and livelihoods were all affected. A considerable number homes were damaged by both the erup...
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Gifts to India - UPDATED

October 9, 2020

Update - 16th October 2020

We have received a note to say the Indian Government’s Home Ministry has announced that organisations subject to their recent edict have a grace period in which to comply.  Foreign contributions can now continue to be remitted to existing bank accounts until 31 March ...
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"Thank you for thinking of us. May God bless you and we all pray for your safety." She noted that our team member had called to find out exactly what items they needed, saying "No one came to us and asked us exactly what we needed. Nobody values us. They treat us as product...
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Australian Fires

January 7, 2020
We’ve all been concerned for the loss our friends in Australia have had as a consequence of the bush fires.  Their devastation is massive.  Many are facing the loss of life of loved ones.  Many more are now displaced, having lost most of their personal asset...
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We have just received the following update from one of our sister organisations, Bright Hope World, about the scale of the disaster in Mozambique. The report, written by Patrick, a local Pastor,  highlights just how great the need is. Rescue workers in Mozambique are ra...
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How could I not return?

March 26, 2019
Dean Yeoman (DPG pg 10) has returned to SA in response to an invitation to help with recovery after Cyclone Idai. He penned a few words before his departure. It is obvious that Cyclone Idai is unfolding to be a huge disaster. Our Mercy Air helicopter was amongst the first re...
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Cyclone Idai, Mozambique

March 22, 2019
No doubt you have seen on mainstream media the vast area of land under water in Mozambique. The situation there is unbelievably dire. Thousands have lost their lives; infrastructure is gone; crops are ruined. Will you help? Through GC Aid we have an opportunity to make a rea...
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Disaster in West Papua

March 20, 2019
Heavy rain and flash flooding has hit the communities of West Papua and a huge mudslide has taken the lives of at least 58 people so far, and many more are missing, possibly buried beneath a sea of mud. There are reports of children been swept away from their parents as the ...
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Healing Christchurch

March 18, 2019
The tragedy of the events in Christchurch on Friday provides opportunities for Christians to lament with, and to support folk in the Muslim community across the country. Please continue to pray into the situation, that the love of Jesus will be very evident and that God’s ...
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Please pray for people who have been affected by this terrible disaster. Remember especially our Christian family, asking that they will be a source of hope, peace and comfort to all, amidst the chaos and destruction. GC Aid is collecting for relief of this disaster. ...
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