The World Around Us



December 2, 2022
The Kingdom of Tonga is a sovereign nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, approximately 2000 kilometres north of New Zealand.   The country has over 170 islands – of which 45 are inhabited.  Its covers an area of about 750 kms, scattered over 700,0...
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India's Church

July 1, 2022
India’s Church is ancient, dating back (traditionally) to the Apostle Thomas. It is strongest in the south of India and in the northeast. While many of South India’s Christians have a relatively high social standing, most of the rest are from the poorest parts of society...
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Accessing the Bible

May 11, 2022
For most of us, we take for granted the fact that we can access a Bible in our own language.  We probably have many Bibles on our bookshelves, not to mention the many electronic Bibles accessible online.  Now we all know that the Bible is important. The Bible tells...
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100 People

May 4, 2022

The World Around Us

Last week, we touched on the distribution of global wealth.  I was challenged to dig a little more and think about the world around us. There are nearly 8 billion people in the world but ... If the World were 100 PEOPLE: 50 would be female50 would be male30 aged un...
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Global Wealth

April 27, 2022
Over recent weeks, it has been impossible to see the news without being confronted with the significant inflation that we are experiencing in New Zealand. This has impacted our spending and many of us are having to make tough decisions about how we use our money. For so...
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