Who Is GC3?

GC3 - Extending God's kingdom through cross-cultural mission. The aim of GC3 is to enhance mission involvement within the network of Christian Brethren Churches in New Zealand and around the world. GC3 ' s vision statement is "Effective Mission through every Church" GC3 values strategic, shared faith based mission partnerships, empowered by prayerful dependence on God that proclaims the good...


What is GCiM?

GCiM encourages churches & individuals to be proactively involved in effective mission. We also provide support services to mission partners scattered around the world. Our work with churches... There are a number of ways we provide that specific encouragement, support & focus in our work with churches. When we visit we can listen & enable discovery of the gifts God has given your church to...


What Is GC Aid?

GC Aid was established in 2008 to focus our attention on humanitarian needs to provide for the relief of suffering. Many of our Mission Partners and affiliated organisations are involved with these adversities as part of their daily ministries. The goal for GC Aid is to assist in the transformation of communities both within and outside New Zealand with the use of resources that we may be able...


What Is GC Assist?

GC Assist provides the physical and human resources for GC3's operations. GC Assist is the operations trust within GC3. It is this trust that employs our directors & staff, holds the contracts with our suppliers & through which we generally conduct our operations. That means the operational activity listed for GCiM & GC Aid happens through this trust. Like every other similar organisation, GC...


Michael Hanson


Michael loves wrestling with ideas, and thinking about ways to live for God. His passion is for us to be all that God created us be and to transform the world with the Gospel. Michael’s background includes pastoral ministry, theological education and cross-cultural mission. Now he oversees the GC3 team. He is married to Carolyn, and they have four adult children. Carolyn and Michael attend Orewa Community Church in Auckland.

Sefton Marshall


Since he was quite young, Sefton Marshall has had missionaries & mission interest influencing him. Sefton is married to Claire & together they long for others to know Jesus & have a robust relationship with Him. This motivates them in their active involvement at Crossroads Bible Church & in other ministries. “Having this strong mission influence has enriched our lives, created experiences for us to prove God & enabled us to clearly see Him at work.

Heather Taylor


Heather is responsible for the main administration tasks in the office which includes assisting and promoting the many projects that are now part of GC3. Keeping in touch with our mission partners is of high importance.

Bruce Stormer

Chair Of The GC3 Board

Bruce has had a long interest in missions, first encouraged by his parents and he seeks to do the same for his children and the local church.   

Meet the rest of the Board.

Our History

GCiM commenced operating on behalf of the Christian Brethren Assembly network in January 2001 as an amalgamation of Missionary Services New Zealand and Gospel Literature Outreach.

While Global Connections in Mission (GCiM) is a recently formed mission organisation, its roots go back more than 100 years. New Zealand's first commended Assembly missionary was James Kirk who sailed for South America in 1896 and served the Lord there for 56 years.


Statement Of Faith

Recognising the limitations of any brief and simple statement, and with no attempt to be exhaustive, GC3 holds that the following affirmations express fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.