Prayer & Praise From Our Mission Partners


Bruce & Robin (Day 29)

Give thanks for the six new FFF Ministry Leaders. Pray for them as they start to make connections with some of our new neighbours joining the group. Rejoice as I continue to meet on a weekly basis with a neighbour who wants to start to come with me to Sunday morning gatherings. Please pray as we each start to do this again as the "field is ripe".

Andrew & Patrizia (Day 12)

Patrizia is now an accredited member of the local chapter of the Bethel Italia food help ministry. Please pray for Andrew as he contacts a couple of South Asian men (and their families) to help. Please pray also for stamina, endurance, and guidance during the next weekend as we will again be helping to prepare and distribute free surgical masks with evangelistic materials to locals in Fondi on Friday and Saturday.

Craig & Darlene (Day 27)

Give thanks that our son has found a good Christian flat in Auckland. Please pray for the translation committee as they make plans for making the translated Scriptures available online. Also pray that the Lord would raise up people to fill urgent remote roles for administrators and finance managers. Thank you.

Brian & Vicky (Day 28)

We appreciate your prayer for John who is the son of a holocaust survivor. John's mother settled in NZ after the second world war and John was born here. Although not a practicing Jew, John, like many in NZ, are faced with the euthanasia bill going before Parliament. This has brought to his mind very vividly what his mother (now deceased) faced in Europe. Being Jewish in the prison camps, the right to choose life wasn't an option. Please pray specifically for John and his family. We would love them to focus on Messiah Jesus. For any Jew choosing Jesus is a choice bringing life eternal. Praise God for His people in NZ who have and have had an interest in Jewish Evangelism. This has led to prayer and practical support of us in the work. Pray the Lord will continue to place the burden of outreach to the Jew on the hearts of many Christians.

David (Day 21)

Evangelism is going well with extensive tract distribution even in times of rampant Covid in Brazil. I now need to make a new tract order. We have two candidates for baptism being discipled right now with others making enquiries. Lourdes, a church sister, has started a Children's Bible Study in her home using my Correspondence Bible studies. Lianelle, my younger daughter, is doing online discipleship sessions with a number of girls and is increasing her proficiency in Brazilian Sign Language to outreach to deaf people. Please pray for continued fruit in these ministries. (John 15:5)

Bevan & Audrey (Day 14)

We are both well although are in a strong lockdown and have been for about eight weeks now. C-19 has really taken off with 36,000 cases and 880 deaths nearly all occurring in the past eight weeks. Despite this we are glad we have chosen to stay as we are able to meet needs through our church and put in place plans for when things settle down. It is important we don’t contract the virus as the hospital system is really stretched, so please pray with us in this. This is so unexpected for everyone and we wonder if, through it all, the gospel will spread in an amazing way in this country, just like Paul’s imprisonment produced unexpected opportunities for the gospel.

Ashley (Day 14)

Thanks for praying! Your prayers make such a difference! Praise God for several answers to prayer this week: Nathalie will have her treatment this week, the car insurance has quoted a figure which is a start after two months. Please pray for the doctors to have wisdom in Nathalie's treatment, for me as I need to drive her there and this will be the longest trip I have driven since the crash (to a city two hours away),  for the insurance figure to be fair and the pay-out to soon follow so Nathalie can find a replacement vehicle. Pray for my upcoming visa process even though it is four months before it becomes due again, obtaining papers has been challenging in the past and next month we will begin paperwork. Pray for God's grace in the process and that all paperwork would come on time. Pray for cases of C-19 to dramatically decrease. Our case numbers have been soaring and many schools across the country are choosing to or are forced to close. Pray we can remain open and run Selah, this is an important season to be able to make an impact in the kids' lives because there are a lot more disruptions, uncertainties in their lives than normal. Pray for us as a team, for wisdom, safety and unity

Ester (Day 30)

Praise God for the abundance of opportunities to publish God's Word through mobile phones whether it is a complete Bible translation or even books from the OT and NT that have been translated into people's heart languages. Praise God for an opportunity to buy my own (retirement) house in Invercargill. Please pray for wisdom and for my online Biblical Hebrew lessons for beginners with the Translation Association of the Philippines (TAP) so that it will glorify God alone. Praise God for His Word!

Hannah (Day 5)

The Covid situation has changed several things about my situation in the village where I work, making it more difficult to travel to town and to access the internet. Please pray for extra strength and energy to deal with added challenges. Thank God we are making progress on drafting Romans. Pray for His wisdom as we make decisions about how to translate this theologically foundational book.

Elena (Day 15)

Please continue to pray for accommodation and good transition for November. 

Graham & Betty (Day 20)

We thank the Lord for bringing us to LA and we are on track to arrive in NZ Saturday the 24th followed by the two weeks of quarantine. The extra four months the Lord gave us in Guatemala has been such a wonderful gift and a real blessing. Last Sunday in Guatemala was so encouraging for us. A couple from a JW background who we have been helping, and a 16-year-old young man were baptised at camp. It was relayed on Zoom as only the families could be present. The wife broke both her ankle bones seven weeks ago, so has a plate and screws and is in plaster, so it complicated things, but she was determined to obey the Lord. 


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