Prayer & Praise From Our Mission Partners


Marion (Day 8)

Please pray for us, one and all, to have the Word of Christ dwelling in us richly, words to clearly make known His gospel as we should. Reckless words pierce, but the words of the wise bring healing. Covid-19 continues to increase with resultant down scaling or cancellation of summer outreaches. May God’s plans and purposes be fulfilled.

Jason & Shirley (Day 4)

Please continue to pray for us regarding being able to return to our place of ministry. We are grateful to the Lord for the continued contact we have with the believers. They ask for specific prayer for the midwives as they take care of expecting mothers over August and September. Please also pray for the young people in their roles and ministry that they would walk close with the Lord and be faithful. We are making progress in our translation work. We are grateful to the Lord for the things we are continuing to learn as we work through translating the Old Testament.

Matthew & Lydia (Day 1)

We would like to ask for prayer as we continue towards rebuilding a house post cyclone Harold in the Akei community and returning there to continue language learning and relationship building.

Hazel (Day 20)

Thank you for your prayers for us. We are in our 22nd week of lock-down. There is a little more freedom so that some businesses can start up, but the number of Covid cases continues to rise. We have had sad days with many we know suffering from the symptoms, and some have gone to be with the Lord. It is a joy to be able to help where possible. Some receive groceries; young people and older children are receiving internet on their phones so they can continue with their school studies. This is also a great way to keep in touch with the parents who are most appreciative. Many of the sick need plasma but the hospitals do not supply it. My friend works in the blood bank that processes it, so I can get information of needs to her. Some of our young people donate blood too. We plan to start classes this week by zoom with the young people from the community. They are missing the Bible classes!   

Jeff & Ginny (Day 29)

Please pray for Jeff and his mobilising ministry, as there are a few speaking and sharing opportunities coming up over the next two months. Pray the Lord will arrange divine opportunities to meet with people who have heart in mission. Pray for complete healing for Jeff’s back as he had a sports injury two years ago. It is still an ongoing issue. It is difficult when he drives long distances for mobilising or when working in the office. Pray for our youngest boy Isaiah, that God will heal his eczema so that it would not hinder his growth. Pray for wisdom and good health for Ginny as she is doing administration for WEC’s annual conference in September. This is the first time she is doing it all by herself. Pray for Sarang and Ronee for their growth in faith as children of God.

Murray & Ruth (Day 12)

Praise God that Murray can carry on at this time of restriction and unprecedented change! Last month, he was zooming with a scattered team of refugees in Europe to check their translation of 568 Bible verses. This month he will be checking with a new team of translators with a different language, but with refugees from the same closed region. This is normally a very hard harvest field, but recent reports from the region indicate that the hunger for God's Word seems to be greater now than ever! Please pray for Murray and the team to be able to find anything that needs correcting or improving. Please pray that the Scripture portions will be uploaded successfully, and the planted seed will reap a great eternal harvest! 

Kathleen & Anita (Day 21)

We are still in lockdown. The numbers of cases and deaths have been surprisingly low, but over the past week have risen. A curfew and other restrictions are back in place. The Governor has decreed August 5th as a Day of Prayer and Fasting for our State. We were “holding our breath” for five days while one of our girls (hospitalised for a serious digestive complaint) was tested for Covid. She had surprised us with a weekend visit and became ill the day after she left. What a relief to be told that the test result was negative. Situations like this are very stressful and make us depend totally on the Lord. Surprise visits used to be frequent, delightful and normal. Now they cause stress which is sad. Again, and again we say to each other, “One day at a time…” The truth of the verse “As your days so shall your strength be” is a great comfort. Please pray that we keep our eyes on the Lord as we literally live one day at a time. We are scheduling about two appointments daily for counselling in our home and are adhering to the rules and regulations that bio security demand. Most appointments are still by video call. The need is great. For church congregations there are complicated rules and regulations. It will be a long time before we meet together. A family in the church have just lost a close relation to Covid and are naturally scared as they wait to see if they have been affected. The fear is real. Please pray for God’s peace.  

Ashley (Day 14)

Give thanks I was able to walk away with just scratches after a serious accident. God was really protecting us. We were blessed by the kindness of many people who came to help us even with the smallest of things like water. Praise God for his protection and give thanks for these many people who helped us. Please pray:

- for the passenger of the car who is experiencing tingling and pain in her arms

- for the insurance process to be smooth and a replacement car for Nathalie can be found

- for the driver of the other car, the tow truck driver and the people we met on the scene. The friend who came to help us also shared the gospel with them. Pray it makes an impact. 

- that this would witness to those I love and have an impact. This is the second time I have walked away from a crash of this size that I shouldn't have. Pray they would come to know Jesus.

- pray that despite this I won't be afraid to drive, it took a long time to get past last time around four years ago.


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