Prayer & Praise From Our Mission Partners


Ashley (Day 14)

Give thanks for my visa, I now have it. The paperwork for the next one is due December. A Selah colleague will go back to the US for a few months so only two of us will be running the program. Pray for wisdom for Selah to run smoothly and flourish despite being shorthanded, for deepened friendships as we work more closely together.

Elena (Day 15)

Please pray for R, from Taupo, to ‘keep faith coming’. Pray that I will learn from reading ‘Honour and Shame’. Please pray for breakthroughs. I’m doing prayer and fasting in April, for the M people in NZ and around the world, that they will encounter Jesus via dreams and visions. Pray for a single lady teacher to teach me/us the language in a class setting. 

Andrew & Patrizia (Day 12)

We are enduring another month of partial lockdown. We ask you to pray for a Sikh couple in Fondi - the man approached Lacopo last Saturday asking for prayer for healing for his wife who is seriously ill with pancreatitis. Please pray for physical and spiritual healing for them both.

Craig & Darlene (Day 27)

Give thanks for God's mercy and protection on our son and two friends who came out of a serious single-car crash almost unscathed. It was a miracle that no-one was seriously injured. Please pray for their emotional healing. Craig and team have an online translation consultant checking sessions next week.

Ester (Day 30)

Praise God for good health and the church community that the Lord has provided in the Senior’s Fellowship I have been going to in the last three months. Pray for wisdom and good time management as we help people in secure and open countries to publish Scriptures and Bible resources on mobile phones and websites.

Bruce & Robin (Day 29)

We thank you God as prayers are answered and my ‘neighbours’ continue to reach out and ask questions about Jesus. As the Easter period took place it was a time to ask, ‘why?’ Our prayer is that as the answers sink in, the ‘lights’ turn on. This is God's work.

Colleen (Day 9)

Urgent prayer is needed for India. The Corona Virus is spreading rapidly. Everyday just in Chennai city alone, we are having at least 2,000 cases. It is very horrible when you think about it and so many are dying every day. The hospitals are full. A few believers that I know have had the virus and shockingly have passed away. Some may remember Daisy I brought to Rally Arura in NZ which was held at Matamata. She died on Saturday morning and everyone was shocked. Pray that the Lord will overrule and that our Rally work will soon be able to recommence. Pray for all our project work to return to normalcy.  At present we are giving packed food and dry rations to all the beneficiaries. We cannot give any spiritual food.

Graeme & Rachel (Day 5)

We are still in a remote location working mostly on translating the New Testament. Pray the Lord would protect this work from Satan’s schemes. Thank Him that the 100 Bible story booklets are finished. Pray for those reading them, those listening to them and those using them to teach others. Pray also for the Philippines' Covid situation. After a year of reducing numbers through lockdowns, masks and strict travel bans, cases have increased significantly. Pray too that the Lord would send more missionaries.

Ashley & Gillian (Day 24)

Over Easter there were many evangelistic outreach crusades and meetings which took place throughout Fiji. The response was encouraging, and many lives came for salvation and a good number have been suitably followed up. There has been an unprecedented number requesting prayer, asking for baptism and some churches have increased in numbers. Pray for the pastors and leaders as they use discernment and wise counsel as they seek to explain the gospel message with many.

Marion (Day 8)

Please pray that my beloved fellow labourer may know that underneath are the everlasting arms, in the face of the doctors report, that she has cancer that has spread.

Andrew & Kelly (Day 6)

Please pray for Andrew as he trials the evangelism course with a home group for the first time from the 14th of April over five weeks, that it would all run smoothly. Praise the Lord for Elijah (three months) who recently had his tongue tie sorted, and as a result is feeding better. Please pray that he will settle well into a good sleep and feeding routine. 

Ben & Rebekah (Day 14)

Please pray for people with a heart for mission to connect with us as partners before our next assignment in August.


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