Prayer & Praise From Our Mission Partners


Ester (Day 30)

Pray for the first online Kairos course from 2nd Aug to 27th Sept on Monday nights. The deadline for registration is today. Register here: https://coursemanager/simplymo...

Kevin & Yessenia (Day 19)

Praise the Lord that we can book flights to Bolivia as the last hurdle of getting the Covid vaccine for both of us has been achieved. Pray that that the Lord would help us to get all our visa paperwork through over the next two months.

Elena (Day 29)

Praise the Father for safe school holidays programs and for a family event planned. Please pray for adopted dad who lost his partner of 21 years of cancer. His funeral is this week.

Rowland & Elaine (Day 23)

The pandemic continues to ravage the majority world countries BSL works in. Amid the darkness caused by Covid-19, the light of the gospel is flourishing. Rather than retreating and hunkering down, pastors and leaders in Asia and Africa are using this as an opportunity to step forward and “train the trainers” using online versions of the courses we offer. They have everything to teach us in our comfort-seeking Kiwi culture. “Whose faith follow…” This is a praise point as well as a call to pray.

Colleen (Day 8)

Pray for Vimala as her brother Anbu passed away in April due to Covid, also her sister Selvi due to heart attack this month. Vimala is very heartbroken and must take on the responsibilities in the family. Pray especially for her mother Annal, as she has lost two children within four months, and she is not keeping well. Pray for all in their family. Vimala came to me at the age of 13 and has been with me ever since. I have pain in my lower back which gradually goes away with a hot water bottle. Please pray that this pain will go away. Please pray for me as I spend some hours in the office everyday which I enjoy very much.

Brian & Vicky (Day 28)

Thanks to all who pray so faithfully for us and the Lord's work among the Jewish people. Pray for Michael, a Russian Jew, who stayed in our home for six months. He appreciated my driving him to the Synagogue, to attend the special Jewish services. We had some very valuable discussions relating to what he was learning from the rabbi, giving lots of opportunity, unfolding the true Messiah from the Tenach (Jewish Bible). Michael has returned to Israel. He recently requested we continue Bible studies in the Torah, the books of the law of Moses. We value your prayer for Michael that God will open his eyes to the Truth.

Andrew & Patrizia (Day 11)

Thanks for praying for Patrizia getting her vaccination. It went reasonably well. Last Saturday we took our boys to a Bible camp. It runs until next Saturday morning. Please pray for safety for all campers and for it to be spiritually beneficial to them.

Bruce & Robin (Day 29)

Thank God for the successful hip replacement surgery. Pray for ongoing recovery. Give thanks that in the midst of being in hospital my Muslim friends visited and asked questions. Pray the Holy Spirit can take the answers deep into their being. Pray as I accompany these friends to a local church, that they can find a spiritual home. Pray for D as we start to attend a church together in the East.


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