Thank you for praying for the people and work of GC3.

Prayer is critical to all we and our mission partners do in our ministries so thank you in joining us in praying through the items we provide each week. The task of presenting the Gospel is far from over; there remains vast number of people globally who have yet to hear of God’s love.

Karl & Helene (Day 31)

We would love prayer as we prepare for moving to Papua New Guinea with MAF this year. Pray we would raise support, prepare our house for renting, complete our medical checks and apply for work visa in a timely manner

Roger & Nicki (Day 23)

Roger is speaking at a Young Professionals outreach this week in Christchurch. Please pray for a good turnout and follow up!

Rowland & Elaine (Day 31)

We have recently returned from a week of leadership training in Sierra Leone. While the country is poverty-stricken, the church leaders are rich in their love for God and his Word. The one-week module was on servanthood, and the leaders will be using what they have learned to train their own leaders. Please pray that in the process of teaching this module, everyone will be transformed into humble and gentle Christlike servants. Please pray too for Rowland as he provides ongoing mentoring to the key leaders via Zoom. 

Pascal & Renee (Day 2)

We are spending the next few months in NZ, meeting with friends, family and supporters. Please pray that this would be an encouraging time where we can share the awesome work we have been grateful to be a part of.

Simon & Ann (Day 23)

Praise God we got our year-long visas. We had to go out of the country to activate them, so we had a weekend in Singapore. We were so blessed. Simon was able to organise one of the classes with a future visiting lecturer, and we stayed with a lovely family who have welcomed us back anytime.

Stephen & Karen (Day 13)

We would appreciate prayer for Karen at our bi-annual conference. It starts with an important global leader’s meeting on the first two days. I will remain here with Lizzie in her final week of school for the year. Please pray for endurance for us. The temperature has not dropped below 28 degrees night or day since early June. Not fun when the water and electricity goes off as it does from time to time.

Nigel & Nicola (Day 27)

Please pray for our continued recovery from the winter cough/cold that is going around, which meant I had to reschedule one of my meetings for later in the month. The live online series I am hosting with Paul Cohen, looking at Messiah in the Prophets, will continue until July. Please pray these will be a blessing to those who join us. 

Nelson & Rachel (Day 14)

We are so thankful our first five-day voyage on our medical ship, the Amazing Grace went well. Now we are preparing to leave at the beginning of July and the boat won’t return until November. Please pray for safety, that God will open doors, staff rotations can be sorted and for Rachel as she now leads the ships team and oversee operations. We also have two medical brigades coming up. One locally and another in a community we are looking at making relationships with, which is in cartel country. Pray for protection, and that God with use us in these areas that really need Him. 

Susan (Day 31)

I’m very thankful for an exemption to keep working here until a new minister has been appointed to renew my work permit! Give thanks!


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