Thank you for praying for the people and work of GC3.

Prayer is critical to all we and our mission partners do in our ministries so thank you in joining us in praying through the items we provide each week. The task of presenting the Gospel is far from over; there remains vast number of people globally who have yet to hear of God’s love.

Marty & Candice (Day 28)

Please pray for Marty, the ship operations team, and YWAM Ships Aotearoa as they continue to prepare to send the YWAM KOHA back to Fiji in July. Also, as they head to Australia next week for strategy meetings.

Jeff & Ginny (Day 29)

Please pray for wisdom as there are a few practical things we need to organise for moving to Vanuatu. We will be visiting families in South Korea in June and July. Pray for safe travel and a meaningful time. Most of all, pray that we will continue to build intimacy with God as we follow Jesus in our daily life. 

Barnabas & Hannah (Day 29)

Please pray for JuDam who is going through his teenage years, to meet Jesus personally, find a youth group that suits him, and find a close fellowship with children of a similar age group. ⁠

Pray that our elderly parents always be physically and spiritually healthy and safe.

⁠Pray that parents, family members, partner churches, and co-workers in Korea will walk in a deep relationship with the Lord and be filled with the Holy Spirit. ⁠

Pray that we can both have an intimate relationship with God and send God's blessings to our families and ministry.

Rick & Annemarie (Day 21)

We would appreciate your prayer for Rick and two others who will be travelling in restricted areas for the next two weeks, as they meet with business contacts to open the opportunity to place more workers in the area. Pray for health, travel, and good meetings.

Kathleen & Anita (Day 15)

Pray for Joseph’s health. He has been in hospital since last week with acute pain due to kidney stones. Pray the health services authorise the medical examinations he requires to determine the treatment he needs.

Pray for Manuela. Sadly, last week, the time came for her to leave our home after our security cameras showed her stealing from us. Early last year after she voluntarily confessed to having stolen from us on repeated occasions, we showed mercy, but we now see she has not forsaken this habit. Pray she will have all the experiences she needs to bring her to true repentance.

Pray for Julian. For the past week his YWAM team has been on practical assignment in Bogotá. Julian has given his testimony publicly on more one occasion. This week they travel to Panama for two weeks service, mainly evangelism on the streets and in churches.

Pray for Ivan a full time Christian worker in crisis. Pray for us for wisdom as we walk alongside him towards full restoration. Thank you.

Murray & Ruth (Day 9)

Praise God that last week’s Proverbs webinar in Moscow went very well indeed. The interpretation to and from Russian went well and the discussions showed that all 46 of them really did learn the new skills they need for translating and checking this difficult book. Thank you for praying!

Murray flies next Thursday to teach the poetic books of the Bible near Jerusalem: 23rd May – 29th June. Pray for energy and wisdom as he teaches each day, then prepares and marks each evening for five weeks! Pray these consultants-in-training will learn new skills for checking these trickiest of books accurately.

Marion (Day 7)

This morning, I was reminded of the repairing of the gates in Nehemiah. We are in need of prayer for some gates that need repair.

Ashley (Day 10)

We have five weeks left of the academic year and then summer program until the end of July. As ever, Rudi needs a lot of prayer. His grandma threatens to send him to a children’s home. She says he is bad, but she treats him terribly. His little heart is very broken and rejected, please pray for him and his grandma to know Jesus. Only his intervention can change them.

My parents come on the 31st. Pray for them that God would work in their lives, and they would choose to follow Jesus too, and my grandparents also. My grandpa walks a tough road with my grandma having Alzheimer/dementia. It’s hard and sad, and he has decisions he needs to make. Pray for him to know the deep love and comfort of Jesus. Pray for Grandma to have peace.

Please keep praying for us as a Selah team, for unity, deep and strong relationships with each other and the kids, and that we can be a light in our community.

David & Meike (Day 9)

We celebrate Levian this week as he will have his 8th birthday. He is very social and is friends with everybody. Please continue to pray for him as he grows. He has been having some problems in school with keeping focus, and that can be seen in his struggles with reading and writing. With his struggles, we have been in the process on transferring him to a different school that would help to focus and to help him catch up where has fallen behind, but we are still waiting for confirmation from the new school. Please pray for this process, that we will get answers soon and that the change will go well with Levian.

Jeremy & Karina (Day 11)

We are looking forward to a visit from Jeremy's parents at the end of May. Pray it will be a special time together.  

The kids finish the school year at the end of May also. We thank God for a wonderful supportive school and caring teachers! However, the three-month summer break is daunting: pray we will get into a new rhythm during this time and that it will be an enjoyable time as a family.

Please continue to pray for the kids as they continue to settle and grow, especially with some separation anxiety occasionally making things more difficult. Pray we will parent this wisely.

Pray for our ongoing language learning and relationships with our tutors as we deepen our knowledge of the language and culture, that we do not hurry through this stage but savour it well.

Tom (Day 22)

Flights with Air Vanuatu were cancelled due to liquidation. I am now flying home on the 22nd with Fiji Air. It is a bit frustrating, but I get an extra week with team. I have just been to an awesome Presbyterian youth convention on an island with 600 others. It is incredible how they do it. We taught sessions on Evangelism. Such a blessed time.

Andrew & Karen (Day 10)

Please remember the new believers in the southern province. Three ladies with husbands who don't believe, and youth with parents who don't believe. There is great joy in knowing Him, and great suffering as family mock, reject and rail against their newfound faith. 

We thank God for the strength He has provided to finish the term well. Only ten days to go. We continue to ask for inspiration as we prepare for Summer VBS, with the theme of Walking with the King. Even now, we ask you to pray for those who He wants to come, that their families would allow them to spend a month away from home and fields. 

May our Father also walk with us, giving us shelter, courage, wisdom as the enemy battles to stop His work.

Mitchell & Elisabeth (Day 29)

Please pray for our upcoming trip to the USA as we visit family to celebrate my parents' 65th wedding anniversary. Sadly, our trip will also involve a funeral service as Beth's mother passed away suddenly. These events remind us of how life is full of gracious mercies and painful disappointments. We appreciate your prayers.

Also, pray for our Christchurch team to continue our ministry efforts. Tola, who is serving as a volunteer chaplain at the University of Canterbury, is engaging regularly with international students. Please pray for him to speak the truth in love to these students.

Ashley & Gillian (Day 19)

With moderate health issues treated we are planning to return to Fiji mission in early June. Even though into our eighties we feel there is much work yet to be done to assist in the pastoral and evangelistic ministries and to be on the ground to get alongside and support church leaders, personnel, families, practical needs, and communities throughout Fiji. 

Robert & Ayesha (Day 13)

Thank you for your prayers for us and the mission where we are. There is plenty here that we and the students we disciple, could be worried about. Pray for all of us that we would seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. We are loving studying the scriptures with first generation believers and seeing them grow as their minds are renewed and they connect their experiences with the truth of God’s Word. Please pray for our summer initiatives - for a fruitful season of connecting with students and sharing the gospel with them.

Kirsty (Day 31)

I am all better from the Malaria, so thanks to everyone who was praying for my recovery. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be training teachers in remote/rural areas. Apart from the usual challenges of being in remote areas, the current power outages and load shedding that is going on is causing extra complications. Please pray for these trainings to go well, that the teachers will be engaged, and they will implement the learning to improve literacy in these areas! Please pray for me as I will be travelling a lot which is a high-risk activity around here. Thank you!

Jonah & Anna (Day 31)

Jonah is trying to sort out his enrolment at the language school and needs to extend our current visa and get new student visas for us. It's a very complicated process and seems to depend on the person sitting at the desk being helpful. Please pray we stay patient, and it works out well.

Praise the Lord, we're enjoying the language learning and are making friends!

Please pray we stay focused on the Lord.


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