Prayer & Praise From Our Mission Partners


Thank you for praying for the people and work of GC3.

Prayer is critical to all we and our mission partners do in our ministries so thank you in joining us in praying through the items we provide each week. The task of presenting the Gospel is far from over; there remains vast number of people globally who have yet to hear of God’s love.

Ashley (Day 11)

Please pray for us as a team, for renewed friendship, strength, understanding and insight for being and working together and with the kids. There are some challenges with behaviour. It’s a hard season, pray for an abundance of God’s grace, grace for each other, and for the kids and their families. Pray too for my visa process. Thank you!  

Murray & Ruth (Day 9)

Praise God that the Proverbs workshop in Mexico is going well. So far, we have all enjoyed good health and those who are attending by Zoom and live streaming have had no difficulties. Some are from very remote parts of Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, and Argentina. Please continue to pray until 7th October. Pray for the mother-tongue translators and consultants to learn well. Pray for Murray's interpreter and the two young trainers he is mentoring to teach workshops like this in the future. Pray for the video editor and that these teaching videos will be used for many years to come throughout the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. 

Jeff & Ginny (Day 29)

Jeff took on the leadership for the mobilising department at WEC International New Zealand. It has been a season of growth in terms of leading a multicultural team, having wise communication with the team, and so on. Please pray for wisdom and a humble attitude before the Lord and team. Ginny has been working very hard on Kiwicon  (WEC Annual conference) admin. She is getting tired. Please pray for good health. Pray for T who is currently studying at the Bible College, that she will go to Africa for a Short-Term mission trip this year. Pray that God will allow T to experience His divine opportunity.  

Andrew& Patrizia (Day 10)

Thanks for praying for us. Please keep Andrew in your prayers as he has a medical consultation to check on his hernia on Wednesday, and as he continues his travels on the afternoon of the 28th. Also please pray for us as we search for cheaper electricity providers back in Italy. 

Kathleen & Anita (Day 16)

This week we ask you to surround Manuela with your prayers. She is not in a good place spiritually. Please pray that the Lord will shine His light into the dark places and that all that is hidden or covered up will be revealed. Have the years of drug abuse damaged her mind to such an extent that she is totally unable to co-ordinate her thoughts and behaviour, or is she allowing the devil to have free rein in her life? We appreciate your prayer support for her and for us as we seek to help her.   

Rod (Day 20)

Please pray for Rod as he travels to PNG to help with teaching needs at CLTC. He will also be looking at updating their Quality Management System, to ensure their on-going accreditation compliance. Pray for good health, stamina, and safety as he travels. 

Kevin & Helen (Day 22)

We’re about to touch down in Cairo and will be here for 18 days. We have two donors coming in for periods of time to visit the people they support. We’ll also meet up with Gordon who is a facilitator for BHW in the Middle East. There’s a lot to see: Syrian and Sudanese refugees; recovering drug addicts; poor Christians, mainly women, who have been assisted into small businesses; others who require aid for the time being, and hundreds of young people in tutoring classes. We’re so looking forward to seeing what God is doing. It’s such a privilege to be with such awesome people who are making a huge difference in the lives of families and communities.  

Joanne (Day 20)

Please pray for our SIM yearly conference happening next week from Tuesday to Friday (Oct 4-7). It will be great to have our whole team together again. I am organising this event so would appreciate prayer that the last few days of planning would go well, and everything would go according to plan. 


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