Prayer & Praise From Our Mission Partners


Kathleen & Anita (Day 21)

On the 24th Ana Maria began her YWAM Discipleship School in Medellin. Travelling by car with an experienced chauffeur, we left home at 5 am and were back in Armenia at 11.30 pm. The 530km round trip was without problems and the Lord’s presence was real. Pray that Ana Maria will get to know God on a deeper level and that He will show her what follows this 6-month school. Pray for her sister Paula who is in her final year of high school. She continues to live with us. This weekend Anita and I are both teaching at a Seminar, or rather a Webinar, titled “Be Free”. Please pray for: freedom from technology problems and from misunderstanding among the organisers in Mexico; for freedom of expression for the seven conference speakers (Panamá, Mexico, Canada, and Colombia); for freedom from worries and distractions during the Saturday evening session and the all-day Sunday sessions and pray for Spiritual freedom for all the participants

Roger (Day 7)

New Hope is working in the remote areas of India. David, a gentle brother works fearlessly and gently sharing the message of Jesus. The Hindu fanatics insisted he stop conducting church services, but he continued. He was beaten mercilessly by an anti-Christian mob of Hindu radicals. He is now in critical condition with severe head injuries in ICU at our charitable hospital where we are giving him best possible care. Many gave their lives to Christ through David's witness and because of his work the attack happened. Kindly pray.

Kevin & Yvonne (Day 24)

Please pray for the focus we are endeavouring to maintain for the growing urban and youthful population of PNG. Pray for:

- Development of leaders in our city churches who are having to teach and pastor an increasingly sophisticated and frustrated group of young men and women.

- An increasing number in our churches who are seeking to maintain a Christian presence in society and marketplace.

- An increasing number of our young men and women seeking to gain higher education in the tertiary sector.

- Parents struggling to maintain Christian marriages and homes and to lead and care for their children in more sophisticated and modern urban societies.  

Andrew & Greer (Day 9)

Give thanks that our visas were approved for five years, which is the best possible outcome! 

Marion (Day 8)

I had the privilege in sharing in an online annual New Year conference in central Japan. I was deeply moved by one full time worker from an isolated area in the south, who gave an impassioned Macedonian call to come over and help us. Corona restricts travel but does not restrict prayer for many such weary and isolated brothers and sisters in Christ. Please pray for us.  

Andrew & Kelly (Day 6)

We arrive in Palmerston North this Thursday. Kelly, Jesse and baby Elijah will fly down while Andrew will drive. Please continue to pray for when we can return to the Philippines. At this stage we are still unsure of when we will be able to return.


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