Prayer & Praise From Our Mission Partners


Thank you for praying for the people and work of GC3.

Prayer is critical to all we and our mission partners do in our ministries so thank you in joining us in praying through the items we provide each week. The task of presenting the Gospel is far from over; there remains vast number of people globally who have yet to hear of God’s love.

David & Cleuza (Day 17)

The food parcel ministry was started recently in our assembly by three sisters, one of which is my daughter, Melany; and Cleuza and I coordinate the distribution. The food parcels are put together from donations from assembly people and are given to low-or-no-income families, whose children are matriculated at our events. The food parcels can weigh up to 20kg. The parents that have received parcels have come to meetings. Since this ministry has just started, there are a few issues to work out; but it is good to see that it has brought some new enthusiasm to the assembly.

Jeremy & Karina (Day 31)

Give thanks to God for the encouragement from people who have come alongside us. This includes unexpected and even unknown people who God has prompted to help us prepare prior to departure. Our kids are enrolled for school which starts on August 20th. We would like to be in country before this date to help with their transition. Pray that the many necessary tasks come together before then. But ultimately that we hold our plans lightly knowing that the Lord sees the big picture and His timing is right. Give thanks for our support team. Pray that it will continue to grow and that we will have sufficient support to ‘set sail’. Pray that God continues to prepare us for life in our receiving country. And that He will prepare the in-country team for our arrival too. Pray that God gives us eyes for the present. That we continue to serve Him and His world today in NZ and right where we find ourselves. 

Jeff & Ginny (Day 29)

Pray for our Wellington mobilisers 'S&C with their beautiful children R&A', who currently moved into the WEC Mobilising house in Porirua, that God will help them to settle well in the new environment. Pray that S&C will be able to build a mission mobilising network amongst the churches in Wellington. Pray for spiritual sensitivity to God's voice as the WEC mobilising team helps individuals to navigate their mission journey. Pray for wisdom and insight as our team will run various workshops and speaking engagements at churches this year. 

Marion (Day 7)

I have just received two emails. One tells me, that although sorrowing, he is comforted knowing his mother has been released from suffering and has gone to be with the Lord. The other did not want to hear about hope in Christ and her husband died on Friday. Please pray for the needs of each one and their families, during this week of funeral services.

Kevin & Helen (Day 22)

We’re very concerned right now for our partners in Manipur, India. Sever ethnic and religious violence had broken out. They have lost their meeting place/café and bookstore, burned and looted. The family has had to flee to another State for safety. Many people have been killed and a lot of property destroyed. Many are targets because of their Christian faith. As well as bad news, there is good news from the DR Congo of a completion of a water project for a community of over 1,000 people. One 57-year-old woman commented that the technology was amazing. For the first time in her life, she got water from a tap! It’s great to see communities blessed by the activity of churches. Several of our partners are preparing to head to IBCM in Malaysia. Several of our team members are about to travel and we are planning to leave for southern Africa on the 16th June for six weeks.

Murray & Ruth (Day 9)

Murray's online courses for translation consultants are going well, now entering the final month for the Psalms and Hebrew poetry. Please continue to pray for stamina for all involved until the end of June. Please pray for better internet connections for participants. Murray's training of consultants in southern Africa (how to upskill their translators) also went well. Praise God that the translation team working for the first ever translation into a national language (of a closed country) was able to make corrections and improvements to one third of their back translation of the Psalms. Pray for the other two thirds (100 Psalms), so that Murray can check them more accurately and more efficiently and ultimately approve them for publication. 

Barnabas & Hannah (Day 29)

Pray for God's protection and healing as many people and families have been sick, especially children. Our prayer day is today, and we are praying for the area of ‘Addiction’. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us to a deep and strong level of prayer, and we can experience the power of prayer. The leadership change of Eastwest is coming. Pray that the handover process will go smoothly and well, and that God will provide great team building and atmosphere.

Ashley (Day 11)

ray for me and Lomis as we continue to lead Selah together. Thank God that it has been going well. Pray for continued grace, unity, good communication, wisdom, and understanding for working together and with the kids. Pray for energy as we are one person down and I’m more tired than normal. Pray for Bobi (7yrs), who has been going through periods of not eating for three to four days. Pray for his health and appetite to return and for his grandfather who takes care of him and worries for his grandson.  Pray for Denisa and Vlăduț who have just started coming to Selah. Denisa has some mobility issues (at a guess club feet). Pray we can find ways to help her so she can thrive and be independent. 

Ashley & Gillian (Day 20)

We value prayer for the thanksgiving service at the Sigatoka Gospel Chapel, Fiji on Sunday, as this will be the last service held in the 65-year church building before the new auditorium is due for completion later in the year. The Sigatoka Church van driver hit a herd of cattle wandering the road at night and extensive damage was done to the front section of the vehicle. Fortunately, no one was badly injured. The van is a ‘lifeline’ for transport of members and others, especially from outlying areas. Pray that parts are found so repairs can be made so the vehicle can be back in service shortly.

Mitchell & Elisabeth (Day 29)

Give thanks to the Lord for good relationships with chaplaincy at the local universities. Our team's ability to connect with international students on campus emanates from a good relationship with the university chaplains. Our team is blessed to have university chaplains who are willing to work with our team in providing pastoral support for the international students on campus. Pray for these relationships to remain in good stead and for our team's influence to flourish on campus.

Andrew & Karen (Day 11)

Please pray for the LV community. We recently uncovered a cult movement which had buried itself amongst our team. This was a serious deception. We have dealt with the root of the problem and begun counselling others. Please pray that this spiritual crisis doesn't throw our team off its mission. Please pray also that those that are walking out of the cult will fully recover over time. Pray for the team to be gentle, understanding, and supportive of them as they recover.

Robert & Ayesha (Day 13)

Thank you for your prayers for us and the ministry. We currently have short-term teams visiting. Pray they have many opportunities to share the gospel and that they take home what they have learnt. Pray they will be lifelong gospel labourers wherever they end up. Please pray for visas for our long-term team, for favour with the authorities.


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