Prayer & Praise From Our Mission Partners


Thank you for praying for the people and work of GC3.

Prayer is critical to all we and our mission partners do in our ministries so thank you in joining us in praying through the items we provide each week. The task of presenting the Gospel is far from over; there remains vast number of people globally who have yet to hear of God’s love.

Bruce & Robin (Day 29)

I rejoice in completing the Gospel of John, as I have been reading it week by week with the ex FFF members. Now, we are working through the book of Acts. As we read, I ask for prayers that the Holy Spirit continues to make the scripture real relevant and alive.

Ester (Day 30)

Praise God for He provides leaders and members to our website and apps teams whom He has gifted to accomplish His Work. Pray for our apps team as we continually update the apps to comply with the increasing requirements of Play Stores to publish and keep the apps active in the Play Stores. Pray for our Apps Director whose dad went to be with the Lord two weeks ago. May the God of all comfort be a comfort to him and their families.

Andrew & Patrizia (Day 9)

Please pray for us during December as we seek to prioritise what to do and when before Christmas holidays. Please pray particularly for preparations and necessary resource materials for the program for Indian women (focus on the Nativity) mid-December and please pray for the distribution of Gospel calendars to Italians.

Andrew & Greer (Day 7)

Please continue to pray for new senior staff and a principal for the Bible College. Also, lots of children and staff have been sick with some kind of virus, so prayer for a speedy recovery would be great. Thank you.

Tim & Angela (Day 14)

We're grateful for a more manageable work pace this month. Pray for health through the last few weeks of term (lots of winter bugs going around), and for rest and special family time over Christmas. Pray for time and space to unwind from a hectic year, and refreshing as we consider what the year ahead holds for us. Pray for chances to catch up with local friends, and more opportunities to get to know our neighbours. Ask for wisdom in knowing how to support them during this difficult time in the region. Please pray for the safe arrival of our team members' first baby due at New Year's.

Bill & Angela (Day 16)

As a church we are praying for the adult children of three of our members who do not follow Jesus. Please join us in praying for Abel (has 4), Alba (has 2) and Laura (has 2) and their grown-up kids! Praise the Lord we will be having our first Sunday in our new place! It will still be cramped as we are in the process of getting permissions to start the remodel and we are still only at 24% of the tentative budget, so pray for those things too! Thanks.

Francisco & Joanna (Day 16)

We are so thankful for God’s guidance and blessing this year over the kid’s classes, youth club and couple’s group. Please pray that as we pause activities over the summer break, what they’ve learned will be used by God’s Spirit in their lives.

Graeme & Rachel (Day 4)

We would appreciate your prayers as we continue to work with Pela'wan to translate the New Testament into their language. As of last week, we have drafted more than half the New Testament and the various tests and checks aren't far behind.

Craig & Darlene (Day 1)

We are very grateful for time of rest and recuperation here in Cairns, Australia as Darlene recovers from burnout. She has undergone a number of medical tests, and all have been clear, PTL. We're looking forward to our three adult sons joining us in Brisbane in a couple of weeks for a family holiday and Christmas together.

Bevan & Audrey (Day 10)

We are organising a Christmas party for our academy on December 16th. Most students don’t know anything about Christmas and are excited to come, so we pray we can simply and clearly explain the wonder of Jesus coming to Earth as a demonstration of His love to all people. Yesterday our neighbours invited us to their light festival, and they came with us to an anniversary lunch where Bevan was the speaker. We pray for growing understanding of each other’s beliefs and for the Holy Spirit to be challenging their thinking and moving their hearts.


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