Prayer & Praise From Our Mission Partners


Thank you for praying for the people and work of GC3.

Prayer is critical to all we and our mission partners do in our ministries so thank you in joining us in praying through the items we provide each week. The task of presenting the Gospel is far from over; there remains vast number of people globally who have yet to hear of God’s love.

Murray & Ruth (Day 9)

On 26th Jan we fly to a country where we used to live for nine years, and where we will lead a retreat for leaders until 12th Feb. Please pray for the people there to be recharged for fruitful service after so much stress for the past three years. Praise God that Murray's online work with a team to check the Psalms in a national language has made a good start. This will continue part time for the next few months. Pray that Murray and the team will find everything that needs improving or correcting so that it is a clear and accurate translation. Pray for a team of consultants in southern Africa that Murray is training, mentoring, and reviewing their work. Pray too for the preparation and translation of materials into Russian for an online workshop for teams in Siberia that is coming up. 

Matthew & Lydia (Day 1)

We are now printing phase one of the Bislama translation of Firm Foundation's (the chronological Bible teaching). For now, we are using an in-country print shop but are exploring printing overseas as a cheaper option. Please pray for direction for us as we look for the next people God wants us to reach with His word. I (M) am struggling with a tooth that needs a root canal done and I’m hoping to fly to the capital next week to get it done. We'd appreciate your prayers for that and for Lydia and Josh while I am away. Also please pray for Edwin, a young man who I have been able to start journeying through the Bible with. He is learning so much. It's a blessing to see him grow but at the same time he is facing some tough decisions in the coming months. 

Jeff & Ginny (Day 29)

PTL that we had a good rest and refreshment over the holidays. Please pray for more connections with churches in New Zealand for mission mobilising opportunities. Pray for T who is in West Africa for TREK (Short-term mission trip) that God will open her spiritual eyes to see what He prepared for her future ministry. Pray that God will continue to guide, speak, and teach her what to do next. Please pray for a good location and house for the WEC mobilising office in Wellington. We have mobilisers from New Zealand and Bangladesh, but still do not have a place to go. Pray that God will provide the needs for us. 

Mitchell & Elisabeth (Day 29)

As Christchurch City Leader for ISM of New Zealand, I am enthusiastic for the upcoming school year. Already, international students are filtering in to attend tertiary campuses and we are preparing for their arrival and to minister to them with the Gospel throughout the year. Please pray for:

  • Good connections with international students and for opportunities to share the Gospel with them. 

  • ISM Christchurch Team as we prepare Bible studies and events where international students can feel welcome and cared for.

  • For international students to be open to hearing and responding to the Gospel.

  • For the Lord to raise up additional supporters for our ISM Christchurch Team.

Phil & Jill (Day 26)

I (Phil) returned to PNG on the 16th. I spent three days at the Port Moresby campus and then flew to Mt Hagen to the main campus. This week I drive 10 hours down to Lae to visit the campus there for a few days. Pray for my travels and for helpful connections with the staff in each campus. Jill joins me on 14th February, through to the end of March. The College is still facing serious financial problems. Pray that students will be able to pay their school fees on time, as this will help greatly the College finances. Pray also that the new students will be the ones chosen by God to come. Last year we had a high calibre of students, and it was a pleasure to teach them.  

Kathleen & Anita (Day 16)

We have already encountered this year, a disturbing number of situations where people are under attack from witchcraft practices. Anxiety, depression, and suicide attempts are also frequent reasons people come to us. Your prayers please, for discernment and spiritual wisdom. Please pray for a catholic family, desperately pleading help for a family member being attacked by a violent demon. The catholic church refuses help because the man is not baptised. Pray for direction in finding an evangelical pastor with an experienced team to evangelise the family. Pray for an atheist asking for help for his 16-year-old daughter Nataly, who is deeply into the practice of satanic rites. She is already receiving treatment from psychologists and psychiatrists, but he recognises she needs spiritual help too. Please pray for confused Nataly who insists her name is Matthias.

Ashley (Day 11)

Thank you for praying. I very much appreciate it. Please keep praying for the Selah team. Pray for smooth travel as I make my way to NZ. Pray for my brother’s wedding to be a special and blessed time. 

Ashley & Gillian (Day 20)

It is the cyclone season in Fiji and to date the island nation has escaped one. However, there has been devastation in the West caused by rain and flash floodings and damaging property and crops. The Assembly combined youth camp in late December was a wonderful blessing to those who attended with a number committing to faith. The youth came from most of the provinces throughout Fiji. Pray for the newly elected government as they start a 4-year term introducing new sound policies including supporting family and Christian values. We appreciate prayer while we stay connected with many in Fiji and value prayer as we look to the Lord for His timing when to return in the next few months.

Kevin & Yvonne (Day 27)

Please pray for many of our PNG leadership cohort groups enrolling for another year in tertiary training. Raising the necessary fees for registration at Universities, Business Colleges, and Technical Institutes is always a struggle for their families and friends. Please pray for us as we plan to visit PNG during 2023 after not being able to for the last four years.


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