Prayer & Praise From Our Mission Partners


Thank you for praying for the people and work of GC3.

Prayer is critical to all we and our mission partners do in our ministries so thank you in joining us in praying through the items we provide each week. The task of presenting the Gospel is far from over; there remains vast number of people globally who have yet to hear of God’s love.

Tim & Angela (Day 16)

Please pray for our children's hearts as they say goodbye to their beloved NZ and good friends. Pray for Tim's health as he suffers repercussions from Covid a few weeks ago. Pray for smooth travel back to the land we love. We are grateful for a lovely apartment to move to in the capital, in July, with our friends as landlords, and a good commute time to Tim's work and the children's school. Also Tim's Dad being able and willing to come live with us overseas for up to six months, arriving soon after we do.

Barnabas & Hannah (Day 28)

WEC VET(Visiting Evaluation Team) will be on-site for this week. Pray for good feedback and results. There are two Covid cases on-site. One staff and one student. Pray for God's healing, recovery, and protection over this community from the virus. Term two has started with two block courses. Pray that all the students can manage their time very well for the assignments and readings. Please pray for Judam's application process for HCS this month, that it would go smoothly and for the preparation for visiting Korea in July.

Colleen (Day 8)

Please pray for Colleen as she has not kept well for the past three weeks. She has had gastroenterology problems causing dehydration. Colleen is on bed rest and is taking IV fluids and antibiotics. She is also finding it difficult to get good sleep which is also affecting her health. She is well looked after by the Doctors and nurses and is getting better, but she would value your prayers as she is a person who always wishes to be with people and gets discouraged when she can’t. Please pray for her complete healing and also to have good sleep, which will help her to regain her strength and to overcome the present situation.

Maree (Day 15)

Power is off 12-14 hours/day and there is a shortage of diesel, petrol, cooking gas and kerosine. Diesel is used by trucks and trains and to run generators when the electricity is off. Gas and kerosine are used for cooking. Groceries, vegetables and fruit prices have skyrocketed while incomes have remained the same. People are hurting! Pray for a solution that does not escalate into further violence.


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