Tonga House Project

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On January 15 2022 a massive volcanic eruption and tsunami devastated many parts of Tonga.  The tsunami destroyed the home of Theresa Lourente, a Child Evangelism Fellowship worker originally from the Philippines.

The leadership of Tonga Gospel Fellowship requested assistance to build a new house for Theresa so that she could continue her valuable ministry in Tonga.  They provided a suitable piece of land next to one of their churches.

Many contributed financially to this project providing  sufficient funds to start  building the house.  Local contractors were used to pour the concrete floor and build the block walls.  Last month a team from New Zealand led by MMM traveled to Tonga to work on the house.  They put on the roof, installed the windows and doors and completed much of the interior fit out.  The house is nearly completed and a small team is heading back to Tonga soon to finish the house so that Theresa can move in.

The leadership of Tonga Gospel Fellowship want to express their gratitude to those that have donated, and also to the team who travelled to Tonga to work on the house. Our web site includes a number of photos and a short video of the project to help you see the work that has been done.

To finish the project we need additional funding.  This will allow for the final interior fit out to be completed and mean that the electrical and water connections can be finished. 

Please consider supporting this project so that we can complete the outstanding work.  You can help us achieve this by making an online donation at www.gc3.org.nz/donate.  Financial gifts can be made to GC Aid by online banking.

Please deposit contributions to 06 0729 0522196 00 (include ‘Tonga’ in the particulars & your mobile number in the reference). Please also email admin@gc3.org.nz with your instructions for receipting purposes.

Your donation is eligible for tax credit.


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