NZ Disaster Update

People have given generously to the disaster recovery efforts following the devastation caused by the flooding in Auckland, Hawkes Bay and Gisborne region. Many local community groups, including churches, have responded to the needs in their local area. Some of these groups were able to provide immediate relief to those directly impacted by the disasters. This included providing shelter, food, clothing and personal items to address immediate needs. Many people helped with clean up efforts, allowing those affected to return to their homes. Now is the time for longer term recovery support. People are requiring help as they deal with long term displacement from their homes and as their communities rebuild themselves. For many people, the effects of these disasters will last for many years, and will be life changing. Our churches and community groups have a long term presence in their communities and are able to journey with people as they deal with the long term impacts of these disasters.

Here are some examples of the projects that have been supported.

  • Hots meals and a place to sleep for those not able to live in their homes (Auckland)

  • Generators for people that were in their homes but were without power (Hawkes Bay)

  • Food parcels for those that are in financial need due to the effects of the flooding (Auckland)

  • Community care packages for those in the community affected by the cyclone (Hawkes Bay)

  • Support for workplaces affected by the cyclone, by supporting their workers mental well-being (Hawkes Bay).

Here is a response from one of the groups that received funding immediately after the flooding in Auckland.

"The recent floods in Auckland and now Cyclone Gabrielle have left a huge mark on our families who have been displaced from their homes. Although we are still in a state of emergency, we are slowly moving into flood recovery. This means we will start to see more families and individuals coming forward for the support of food, clothing, bedding, and hygiene packs. Your donation means we can do the smallest but most important actions of love, whether that be in a hot meal or a food parcel. We are constantly working on being innovative and working to find solutions alongside other agencies, community groups, and local churches like Kelston Community Church to reach and help more people who are still traumatised by recent events."

GCAid is continuing to support our communities in the recovery from the floods and cyclone. If you would like to donate, or if you need funds, please see GC3 | NZ Disaster Relief for more details.

Michael Hanson
Executive Director