East Africa Flood Disaster Relief

Pastors in Kenya and Burundi appeal for prayers and aid

The recent weeks of heavy rain have caused severe flooding in East African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, and Somalia. After years of drought, the hardened soil has meant that an unusually heavy rainy season which typically occurs between March and May, has caused further calamity. Impoverished and rural communities, especially widows, are most vulnerable.

Mission Partners of our sister organisation IBCM, Pastors Moses Kokoyo and Moses Omondi in Kenya, and Simeon Havyarimana in Burundi, have asked for your help to bring much-needed aid to their communities.


Floods and mudslides swept away people and inundated homes, killing at least 267 people and affecting more than 380,000, according to government statistics. 

Communities along the Mathare River in Nairobi, such as the low-income neighbourhood of Huruma and the slum area of Mathare, where church assemblies are located, are among the hardest hit, Pastor Kokoyo reports.

"Things are bad here, we need much prayer. The situation is worsening. The rains are said to go on till sometime in June, with flooding, there will be disease outbreak, those displaced will be in dire need of food, clothes, and other household items they lost in raging rainwater, they will need medical care."

Many widows across the country have been left homeless and vulnerable, facing an uncertain future after the collapse of their homes. "Without secure housing, they are exposed to various risks, including health hazards such as waterborne diseases. The stagnant waters not only damage homes but also become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other disease vectors". says Pastor Omondi from Echos of Mercy Mission.


Burundi has been experiencing significant flooding since September 2023. Recent heavy rainfall has caused further devastation in areas along Lake Tanganyika. Over 100,000 people have been displaced after neighbourhoods were inundated with water. Dozens of people are reported as being killed in the floods.

Financial capital Bujumbura where Rev. Simeon Havyarimana lives, is on the shore of Lake Tanganyika, severe flooding in the city has disrupted businesses and caused living costs to increase significantly.

Government and UN agencies are working to help the vulnerable and displaced, but Rev. Simeon Havyarimana says that the need is overwhelming "Tens of thousands individuals are now living in tents, others in bamboo trees, wherever they can find shelter. The situation is horrible, not only by hunger or losing their drawn houses, but sanitary as well because people are living in critical conditions. In fact, UNHCR has already announced a cholera outbreak. Sadly, the rain continues to rain, making the situation horrible even as I am writing this."

Send Aid

Please join us in prayer and in providing aid.

Any funds sent in response to this appeal will be directed to our partners on the ground, who are working to support their communities with much-needed supplies and assist in rebuilding in the aftermath.