Looking Outwards


Thinking about Disasters

March 3, 2023
Over recent weeks it has been impossible to watch the news or read a newspaper without seeing the impact of disasters around the world. Whether it be earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, floods in Auckland, or cyclone devastation on the east coast of the North Island, the impact...
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You're One in 8 Billion

January 23, 2023
According to the United Nations, the world population reached 8 billion people towards the end of 2022.This 8 billion people presents both a challenge and an opportunity for missions. On one hand, the sheer number of people in the world today can be overwhelming and make the...
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Children Of The World

November 22, 2021
One hundred and forty million babies are born each year. The world is home to around 2.3 billion under-18s, and this figure will stay broadly the same for the rest of the century. (Over the same period, the number of over 65s will grow from half a bilĀ­lion now to 2.5 billio...
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Big Goals In Russia

October 11, 2021
After the chaotic collapse of Communism in the 1990s, life for the 144 million people who call Russia home is now materially better. But freedoms remain stifled, the business climate is challenging, and millions still struggle against poverty and ill-health. A whole, wasted,...
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Pray for Afghanistan

August 16, 2021
Over the last few weeks, the nation of Afghanistan has again begun to dominate global headlines. As the political landscape shifts let us remember the people of this nation. Pray for protection of life as no one is exempt from daily threat of death. Pray that God would open ...
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What does a young Moroccan student in Munich have in common with a Jewish bride, a grandmother in Somalia, or a Bedouin with his camels in Saudi Arabia? None of them have heard who Jesus really is. They are among the 483 unreached unengaged people groups of Northern Africa a...
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Greater Than Gold

August 2, 2021
The world knows the name Eric Liddell as the winner of the gold medal for the 400 meter race in the 1924 Olympics (portrayed in the film Chariots of Fire). Many know, further, that he did not originally train for that race: he had trained for the 100 meter race, but, dismaye...
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Teach Them Diligently

July 12, 2021
Though Kenya is considered a Christian nation, ethnic cultural practices are frequently mixed with biblical truths. The need for trained leaders for the more than 80,000 congregations is massive. One Kenyan pastor recently told his congregants that they could be saved by goo...
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Father God, We lift up missionaries returning from the field. Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that You have a specific season for facets of our lives, and for many missionaries, their seasons in the field are not permanent. We lift them up in prayer as they return back to their ho...
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Hungering To Learn

June 28, 2021
Throughout church history, Christians have looked to books to receive guidance, encouragement, and the wisdom of others. But in China, purchasing Christian resources is difficult, and there continue to be complex barriers to getting Bible-based resources into the country. In...
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