To answer this question, we would do well to first explore what Christian mission is. My definition for the sake of this reflection is that “Christian Mission is the deliberate proclamation of the Good News of the gospel.” This message comes with a personal invitation fr...
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God's Grace

May 22, 2021
From time to time I hear Christians say how much they are undeserving of God’s grace and salvation through Christ. Well, that is the definition of grace: unmerited favour. Do people think about God’s grace as an award? If you won an award or a prize for a competition, an...
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The Power Of Reporting

January 22, 2021
Ahhh, reports, reports, reports. Writing reports is by far the worst part of my role at Bright Hope World. But, despite my grumbling, I must acknowledge that they are important. Recently I was working on a report written up based on communications with one of our partners in...
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The Puzzling Invitation

January 8, 2021
The mystery of God’s invitation to represent him in our world is worthy of our attention. Have you ever considered the implications of God entrusting his reputation and his message of salvation to us? The risk factors would seem extreme. After all it is God himself who dec...
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Lies & Death

December 11, 2020
At Bright Hope World we encourage people to become reliant on God and to strive to be economically self-sustaining. However, we constantly run into worldviews that trap people in poverty. Despite the fact that people might be sitting on fertile land, with plenty of...
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GC3 Administrator Role

December 5, 2020
GC3 provides a unique service to our churches and to the people they send to cross-cultural ministries around the world. We also invest in cross-cultural missions’ awareness in young people through a gap-year program and the promotion of funding for institutions and disast...
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As I read Acts 16, I realise this call in a vision to Paul was very clear; so unequivocal that he instantly prepared to go, firmly "concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel" there. (v 10)

I find this part of the biblical account of Paul's life fascinating.  What a man of God Paul became.  A fearless preacher, teacher and evangelist.  His knowledge, steeped in the Tora, enabled him to foot it theologically with the best of Jewish leaders an...
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2020 has been a year in which we have seen many challenges. Not only have our personal lives been impacted, but the whole world has been thrown into chaos and turmoil. Despite all of this uncertainty and mayhem, one thing has remained the same, the gospel message and the nee...
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Apprentices of Christ

October 2, 2020

To Sharpen our Thinking

As you start reading the New Testament you frequently confront the word disciple in the first five Books where it’s used around 250 times. Once you move out of Acts in the Epistles, the word isn’t used again.  In Acts 11:25-26 when Paul is introduced as the one who ...
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August 28, 2020
The Elders of The Street Church are pleased to formally commend Rachel Duff to the work that she will be doing in Mexico with Youth With A Mission. Rachel is a trained physiotherapist and will be working alongside local and foreign health professional volunteers in local com...
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