Martin & Matilda Komau

Martin and Matilda married in 1999, when they were about the age that many Kiwis graduate from university. However they didn't have the opportunity to carry on their education as teenagers. MartinRead more

A Seed That Bears Much Fruit

As a former mission partner who worked with the Christian Brethren Churches of Papua New Guinea, I want to acknowledge the strategic significance of the Global Connections Scholarship Fund. With itsRead more

Be A Game Changer

You've heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”? We often feel like both the horse and its leader when it comes to regular times of prayer. My BibleRead more

It Began With A Conversation

In a land in Asia not too far from here, an amazing movement is flourishing. A conversation that started between a Christian and a leader of another faith in a café has become a tsunami ofRead more

Missions Reset

This time of challenge to the church’s activities worldwide and to local congregations has been a reflective one. We have been led to ask serious questions about the reasons for which our churchesRead more

Words, Words, Words!

Early in 2019 I was visiting a large M country. I spent several days listening to, and writing, the stories of men and women whose lives had been transformed by the Good News. I came away from theseRead more

Has the mission changed?

The dramatic events following COVID-19’s outbreak have turned nations upside down. This has impacted social activities, job security and motives for living. Examples of suffering, mental stress andRead more

Covid-19 Update

I thought I should update you regarding what’s happening at GC3 in response to NZ’s moving to Alert Level 2. Ambassador Murray will be working from home, getting to grips with what his new role Read more

why the title “GC3 Missions Ambassador?”

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary provides this definition for the word “ambassador:” an official envoy: a diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereignRead more

a defining moment in the history of the church

No matter where you look in history, you will find a wide range of events occurring that forever changed the world. In the following ‘To sharpen Our Thinking’ article, Kathleen (Day 20) asks usRead more

experiencing something of how a mission partner often feels.

Last week in our ‘To Sharpen Our Thinking …’ article, we were asked to ponder a series of questions on what the current world situation meant to our faith or actions and responsibilities to thoRead more

to sharpen our thinking

Not matter where we are in the world at the moment, Covid-19 has impacted all of our lives, and as a result, we are all having to rethink how we live and work. Part of that rethinking also requiresRead more

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