GC3 invites you to a day of mission-focused learning and interactions. 

From examining how God calls His people to engage with global mission through to understanding missions of the future, there are some exciting and challenging things for us to discover together.

We look forward to seeing you there.

May 1st - Invercargill                        May 8th - Dunedin

Poverty: It’s not what you think

Last week we dove into poverty’s links with oppression of all strips, and the lies that fuel it. We’re going to finish this series by reflecting on how poverty impacts the personhood of thoseRead more

Poverty: It’s not what you think

Last week we observed two different views of poverty—one that sees it as simply the lack of stuff, while the other takes into account the disempowerment driving the side effect of material lack.Read more

Poverty: It’s not what you think

Last week we contrasted the way the Bible portrays the plight of the poor with the assumptions of our own developed society. Now we’ll consider two modern definitions of poverty, each of which saysRead more

Poverty: It’s not what you think

Over the next four posts, we’ll be challenging our own assumptions about what poverty is, why it exists, and—most importantly—what is truly needed to help people escape it. Today we’reRead more

Headspace 2021

We have all experienced the impact of Covid-19 on our lives, and here at GC3 we have seen this particularly on our Headspace 2020 program. Our HS leadership group has done a great job, ensuring theRead more

Let’s Communicate Better

I look around a coffee shop during lunch, and what do I see? I see a worrying trend. A number of patrons are staring at the screens of their smartphones or tablets, possibly reading a link fromRead more

The Power Of Reporting

Ahhh, reports, reports, reports. Writing reports is by far the worst part of my role at Bright Hope World. But, despite my grumbling, I must acknowledge that they are important. Recently I wasRead more

The Puzzling Invitation

The mystery of God’s invitation to represent him in our world is worthy of our attention. Have you ever considered the implications of God entrusting his reputation and his message of salvation toRead more

Lies & Death

At Bright Hope World we encourage people to become reliant on God and to strive to be economically self-sustaining. However, we constantly run into worldviews that trap people in poverty. Despite Read more

GC3 Administrator Role

GC3 provides a unique service to our churches and to the people they send to cross-cultural ministries around the world. We also invest in cross-cultural missions’ awareness in young people throughRead more

Come Over To Macedonia And Help Us!

I find this part of the biblical account of Paul's life fascinating.  What a man of God Paul became.  A fearless preacher, teacher and evangelist.  His knowledge, steeped in the Tora, enabled himRead more

Driven By The Power Of God's Call

2020 has been a year in which we have seen many challenges. Not only have our personal lives been impacted, but the whole world has been thrown into chaos and turmoil. Despite all of this uncertaintyRead more


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