GC3 invites you to a day of mission-focused learning and interactions. We’ll explore how to grow as missional communities, present new opportunities for young people to engage in “mission as service to life,” and explore mission opportunities and progress in a Covid-pivoting world.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Technology saves lives

Each month Sefton Marshall sends out “Office Matters.” And without fail he receives a response from Steve, a Kiwi field worker with a Christian not-for-profit who is based in the USA. The two menRead more

Big Goals In Russia

After the chaotic collapse of Communism in the 1990s, life for the 144 million people who call Russia home is now materially better. But freedoms remain stifled, the business climate is challenging,Read more

Effective Mission Equals Teams

More than any other time in our history the Covid pandemic has demanded an unnatural change in society that has shaken the norms of life. That change has required that we socially isolate andRead more

When the Bible Speaks

The first result of a closed Bible in the church is almost always the promotion or elevation of man and the replacing of God’s instructions with human reason! It is to this error that the apostleRead more

“Lament” - God’s Provision in a Pandemic!

A definition of lament is “Appealing to God for aid and overcoming present calamity.” With the impact of Covid-19 I have been saddened by little evidence of society or Christian communities callRead more

Pray for Afghanistan

Over the last few weeks, the nation of Afghanistan has again begun to dominate global headlines. As the political landscape shifts let us remember the people of this nation. Pray for protection of lRead more

What do they have in common?

What does a young Moroccan student in Munich have in common with a Jewish bride, a grandmother in Somalia, or a Bedouin with his camels in Saudi Arabia? None of them have heard who Jesus really is.Read more

Greater Than Gold

The world knows the name Eric Liddell as the winner of the gold medal for the 400 meter race in the 1924 Olympics (portrayed in the film Chariots of Fire). Many know, further, that he did notRead more

Hindering God's Work

So many people in the world today have never heard what the Bible teaches about how we can be saved from sin's consequences and have a great life forever. Rachel and her husband translate the BibleRead more

Whose prisoner are you?

Christian perspective has become a prime target for liberal society and media. As a result, attacks on Bible content and Christian ethics have gained momentum as the sanctity of life is challengedRead more

Teach Them Diligently

Though Kenya is considered a Christian nation, ethnic cultural practices are frequently mixed with biblical truths. The need for trained leaders for the more than 80,000 congregations is massive.Read more

A Prayer for Missionaries Returning from the Field.

Father God, We lift up missionaries returning from the field. Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that You have a specific season for facets of our lives, and for many missionaries, their seasons in the fieldRead more


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