GC3 invites you to a day of mission-focused learning and interactions. 

From examining how God calls His people to engage with global mission through to understanding missions of the future, there are some exciting and challenging things for us to discover together.

We look forward to seeing you there.

May 1st - Invercargill                        May 8th - Dunedin

Full details of the day will soon be available.

Let’s Communicate Better

I look around a coffee shop during lunch, and what do I see? I see a worrying trend. A number of patrons are staring at the screens of their smartphones or tablets, possibly reading a link fromRead more

The Power Of Reporting

Ahhh, reports, reports, reports. Writing reports is by far the worst part of my role at Bright Hope World. But, despite my grumbling, I must acknowledge that they are important. Recently I wasRead more

The Puzzling Invitation

The mystery of God’s invitation to represent him in our world is worthy of our attention. Have you ever considered the implications of God entrusting his reputation and his message of salvation toRead more

Lies & Death

At Bright Hope World we encourage people to become reliant on God and to strive to be economically self-sustaining. However, we constantly run into worldviews that trap people in poverty. Despite Read more

GC3 Administrator Role

GC3 provides a unique service to our churches and to the people they send to cross-cultural ministries around the world. We also invest in cross-cultural missions’ awareness in young people throughRead more

Come Over To Macedonia And Help Us!

I find this part of the biblical account of Paul's life fascinating.  What a man of God Paul became.  A fearless preacher, teacher and evangelist.  His knowledge, steeped in the Tora, enabled himRead more

Driven By The Power Of God's Call

2020 has been a year in which we have seen many challenges. Not only have our personal lives been impacted, but the whole world has been thrown into chaos and turmoil. Despite all of this uncertaintyRead more

Gifts to India - UPDATED

We have received a note to say the Indian Government’s Home Ministry has announced that organisations subject to their recent edict have a grace period in which to comply.  Foreign contributions cRead more

Apprentices of Christ

As you start reading the New Testament you frequently confront the word disciple in the first five Books where it’s used around 250 times. Once you move out of Acts in the Epistles, the wordRead more

Your Generous Response Has Been Overwhelming

"Thank you for thinking of us. May God bless you and we all pray for your safety." She noted that our team member had called to find out exactly what items they needed, saying "No one came to us andRead more

Whatever Happened to Sin?

I remember as a young man listening to missionary pioneer Colin Tilsley singing in a duet. The words of the refrain were “Why must I die, why must I die I can hear the people cry”. I was profoundRead more


The Elders of The Street Church are pleased to formally commend Rachel Duff to the work that she will be doing in Mexico with Youth With A Mission. Rachel is a trained physiotherapist and will beRead more


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