Pray for Afghanistan

Over the last few weeks, the nation of Afghanistan has again begun to dominate global headlines. As the political landscape shifts let us remember the people of this nation.

Pray for protection of life as no one is exempt from daily threat of death.

Pray that God would open the hearts of political, tribal and community leaders. Pray for believers to find open doors into the lives of powerful people. Pray that leaders would come to understand and accept Jesus’ identity as the Son of God and would repent, believe and submit to his Lordship in their lives.

Pray for perseverance. Pray that leaders of integrity will not lose heart as they work toward the restoration and rebuilding of their country. Pray that they will not give in to temptations to dishonesty in order to accomplish their vision.

Pray for political peace and stability. Pray for political leaders of integrity who are committed to judge justly and rule uprightly. Pray for an end to widespread corruption at all levels of society. Pray that God will bring Himself glory by accomplishing a work of political stability which the most influential world powers have failed to succeed.