New Zealand Disaster Relief

This Tuesday, the New Zealand government declared a national state of emergency across the North Island, which has been battered by Cyclone Gabrielle. Many in Auckland were still cleaning up from flooding over recent weeks, and now these same communities have been affected by the latest storm. Across the country thousands of properties have been damaged and hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes. The devastation across the North Island is extensive, and the full impact of the Cyclone is still unfolding.
Response efforts are continuing across the North Island as volunteers and professional alike help to protect people and property and provide relief to those in need. The task of cleaning up is just beginning and many churches and community groups have been providing practical support to those affected.
Churches and individuals have provided financial assistance and practical support to help those affected. It has been encouraging to hear of the work being done by churches and community groups who have stepped up to provide temporary shelters and food for those in need. Churches have opened their doors to provide a place for people to stay and have also been distributing food and other supplies to those who have been left homeless by the storm. Many have lost everything and face uncertainty about what will happen next.


Thank you to the many that have already financial support. We would like to invite you to consider donating to this cause. CCCNZ and GC3 are working together to ensure that those on the frontlines of the relief efforts are well resourced and supported. If you are able to provide financial support to assist in the relief effort then donations can be made through GCAid.


GCAid provides funding to support churches and community groups that provide services to support those affected by the Auckland floods and Cyclone Gabrielle. 

Applications for funding are handed on a case by case basis based on need and funds available.  

Many churches and community organisations
have been providing support for those
impacted by this disaster.

For regular updates on how churches are serving each other and their communities as a result of the cyclone, please see the CCCNZ web site.

If you want to offer practical or financial support to an affected church directly, but don’t know who’s been affected, please email either GC3 or CCCNZ offices.

Thank you for your prayers and
support for those in need.