Praying for NZ based missionaries

It is easy for us to forgot that within New Zealand, many have still have not heard the Good News. Thankfully there are NZ based Missionaries, including those associated with GC3, who are working amongst the communities of the country who have yet to hear. Let's take a moment to pray for them.

Father God, We pray over those missionaries sharing the hope and love of Christ on our very own soil. So many in our country have been shown a false view of what it means to follow Christ, but we pray through Your Holy Spirit that missionaries would be given the words, guidance, and access to share Your true heart and love with those they come into contact with. May that they meet come with their honest and vulnerable hurt, experience, and perspective and be open to coming into personally knowing You, Lord God. Help missionaries to be tender to Your Spirit, knowing when to speak and when to listen. Help them to walk in boldness rooted in You, standing boldly and without fear, for they are sent from You. Just as Moses stood before Pharaoh boldly proclaiming Your assignment to him, our missionaries stand before others. Help them not to fear the wrath or harshness of men, but to know what matters is Your opinion in the end. Father, help Your children as they proclaim Your Name in this land.

In Jesus' name, amen.