Praying for mission leaders

Missionaries aren't the only ones who need our prayers to carry out their calling; those who are called to support them do as well. So will you join us in lifting up mission leaders and asking God to pour out his grace and guidance?

Some have ministries or projects that have had to be put on hold in these strange times. Ask God to show them what they should pursue and what they should release.

All are caring for the spiritual, emotional and physical health of people who are under great pressure. Pray that they will have wisdom and the capacity to provide this support.

Each one has the pressure of raising funds to continue operations. Pray that the God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills will meet every need.

These leaders are the ones who answer to families and supporters for decisions that affect their loved ones. Ask for God's peace to cover each missionary's support network.

Many experience their own doubt, loneliness or anxiety. Pray that they would be led and encouraged as they seek to lead and encourage others.