Missions To Burma (Myanmar)

At the age of 25, Adoniram Judson was the first American missionary to Burma (Myanmar). Judson would spend the next nearly forty years of his life living among and witnessing to the Burmese people. Judson’s efforts were slow-going. He was imprisoned and tortured, but he never gave up on his God-given calling to reach Burma for Christ. Before his death, Adoniram Judson had not only established several churches in Burma, but he had also given Burma one of the greatest gifts: the Bible in their own language.

Pray for those who struggle to witness to others in a foreign language that the words spoken convey the heart of the Father. Pray for clarity and for understanding with unfamiliar words. Pray for those who are translating, that the words translated reflect the true meaning of the gospel message. Pray for those who are tortured for their faith that they may continue to receive God’s grace and strength to persevere. Pray that our own words and actions also show the heart of our saviour and that our words are acceptable in His sight. Pray also for those who live daily in fear for their lives due to the current conflict in Maynmar. Pray for the safe evacuation of families during this time of political unrest and all caught in the conflict will find safe refuge.