Headspace 2021

We have all experienced the impact of Covid-19 on our lives, and here at GC3 we have seen this particularly on our Headspace 2020 program. Our HS leadership group has done a great job, ensuring the small team experienced real community as usual this year, even while they were at home during lockdown, enabling the team to develop a real awareness of God and His purposes. However, the traditional cross-cultural immersion experience in Thailand wasn’t possible.

Given the influence of Covid and a number of other uncertainties, the GC3 Board has decided not to offer Headspace in 2021. Instead, we will be using this time to conduct a review of the program to ensure we are most effective in developing people for missions. 

GC3 remains committed to having a programme that supports young adults in their quest to develop a deeper relationship with God and a better understanding of His heart for mission.

We’d love you to pray for us as we do this.