Driven By The Power Of God's Call

2020 has been a year in which we have seen many challenges. Not only have our personal lives been impacted, but the whole world has been thrown into chaos and turmoil. Despite all of this uncertainty and mayhem, one thing has remained the same, the gospel message and the need for it to be shared with people and communities far and wide is required more than ever. It would be fair to assume that, with the impact of Covid19 forcing flight restrictions, country lockdowns, medical risks and general uncertainties, people would not be responding to God’s call of ‘Go Unto The Nations’, but that isn't the case. Just last week Zac & Rebekah left for South Sudan to serve amongst the rural poor of the country. Despite the global chaos, they continued to see and feel the call of God on their lives, and they responded. When many were coming home, they went. Just before they left, Zac & Rebekah were interviewed by Tom Field at The Street Church and talked about their decision to go, driven by the power of God’s call. Prepare to be challenged and encouraged.