Gifts to India - UPDATED

Update - 16th October 2020

We have received a note to say the Indian Government’s Home Ministry has announced that organisations subject to their recent edict have a grace period in which to comply.  Foreign contributions can now continue to be remitted to existing bank accounts until 31 March 2021 or the date a new account is opened with the State Bank of India, New Delhi branch. 

Thank you for your prayers for this situation and please join with us in thanking God for this revised position.  It enables us to remit your gifts normally again. 

9th October 2020

India’s central government has passed new laws directing all foreign funds to charities must be remitted to an account with the State Bank of India. This applies from September 29th with no grace period being provided. Our beneficiaries in India do not have banking facilities with that central bank. They are therefore frantically trying to establish such facilities but are being told that the process may take three to six months. They are finding the bank, government agencies and legal experts have no clarity around this latest edict yet.

Here at GC3, we are working closely with our beneficiaries in India. As soon as there is clarity around this situation, we will make another announcement. However, in the meantime, would you please pray into this situation, asking God to make a way for His purposes to be achieved in that needy country. If you are financially supporting ministry in India, you may wish to hold your gift until there is greater certainty around how we make remittances in the future, although you can be assured any gifts you do send to us will be held securely until such time as they can be sent with confidence.