Devastation In Lebanon

Anger. Stress. Hopelessness

This how a local Lebanese Pastor describes the feelings of the  Lebanese people after last weeks massive explosion in the main port of Beirut.

Between ongoing economic issues and political tensions, this tragedy is now another burden the tiny country has to bear. With hundreds killed, thousands injured and the entire city impacted, many are asking questions. Questions of the government, of the official's and of what it all means for the future.  

How you can help.


Pray for the churches as they mobilise to help and to share the Gospel with those that have been impacted by this event. 

Pray for the countries leaders that through this tragedy, they will put their people first and lay self and political gain to one side.

Pray for those who have lost loved ones, that through this time, they will know and feel the love of God upon them.

Pray for those working in the hospitals and medical centres, that they get the medicines they need to help the injured and that they can cope with few resources and many patients.

Pray that through this time that God will touch the lives of those who have gone through this experience, and as they seek answers and truth, that they will come to know Him.


If you would like to donate towards the recovery and work amongst the people affected by this tragic event, then GCAid, through one of its international partners, can accept donations and ensure that it gets to the right people on the ground in Lebanon. You can make your donation here.