Be A Game Changer

GC3 Prayer Guide

You've heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”? We often feel like both the horse and its leader when it comes to regular times of prayer.

My Bible dictionary says that prayer “is any form of communication with God on the part of believing people in response to situations that may arise in life”. So why do we struggle to drink in God’s gift of prayer?

Prayer re-orientates our thinking and our hearts to lead us to productive living and God-centred service. And the key to maximising this most useful of God’s gifts is time.

In a world of increasing busyness and dubious distractions, prayer is a call to STOP. Prayer is stopping long enough to hear God, to let your spirit and your mind rest and listen.

Prayer is like a sorting station where we eliminate the unnecessary and focus on the important. We seek God’s perspective rather than relying on human wisdom and becoming a slave to life’s demands.

The Apostle Paul’s prayer engagement led him to “give thanks to my God for you,” 1 Corinthians 1:4. Many times, such as in Ephesians 1:16,  Paul says, “I remember you in my prayers”. Clearly he set aside time to lift those he had discipled up before God.

In those prayers, Paul asked for life-changing applications for himself and his fellow Christians—for wisdom, revelation, understanding, joy, peace, power of the Holy Spirit, harmony, unity, strength, discernment, purity, love and much more.

Imagine these applications working in your life or in your missionary partner’s life. Life-changing, life-transforming, God focus. Why would we not pray?

God invites his people to pray, and we need you to pray! The GC3 Prayer Guide introduces you to missionary partners across the world working in diverse situations. We would love you to partner with us in prayer for GC3 work and workers across the globe.

GC3 Prayer Guide for 2020–2021 will be available in July. Copies are being sent to local churches. 

Murray Stevenson
GC3 Ambassador