Looking Forward

Every few months, the natural world around us transitions from one season into the next. At GC3 we find ourselves in the middle of a change of seasons that God is bringing about. Over the last few months, we have farewelled Charlotte Shadbolt (Charlie), who served as Youth Director for eight years. We then welcomed Matt Lister into that role at the end of last year, and this coming week we will be farewelling Russell Thorp from his nine-year role as Missions Director of GC3.

With any change, there comes a time of reflection as we look back over what has been accomplished. There is also a time of appreciation and thankfulness as we acknowledge all that people have done, offered and given to help the work of GC3. Once again, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to both Russell and Charlie for all that they contributed to the life and growth of GC3. We wish them well for all that is before them.

Then there is a time to evaluate and to look forward and dream of all that could be.

During the past few months work has been underway developing the framework and questions required to facilitate a thorough review and evaluation which will help us to understand God’s direction for the next few years. The review is timely and given that we now also have staff vacancies, we have a wider scope to consider options that will ensure we remain well placed in the future.

The Board and I are excited about the possibilities that lie before us, and, like you, we are eager to see some of those possibilities take shape. However, we are also very aware of the need to wait: to wait upon the completion of the review, to thoroughly look through all the options, and most importantly, to wait upon God for His direction.

As such, we are deliberately taking a steady but sure approach to how and when we may adopt any new thinking or direction into the organisation. With that in mind, we are not actively looking to fill the Missions Director role at this stage. However, we are working with someone to take up a transitional role of Church Liaison. The key function of this role is to ensure that we continue to be able to maintain and build our relationships with our wider church family. In the meantime, we will continue to offer the same level of service and support as usual.

We do ask that you continue to pray for and with us as we go through this transitional season. Pray for wisdom as the Board considers the options and opportunities before it. Pray that the review process runs smoothly. Pray for the staff and people of GC3, that through this time of transition that they too will sense God’s direction in this season of change so that we can move forward together. Pray for continued opportunities to talk to people who feel that God is calling them into a cross-cultural mission. We are incredibly thankful for all your support and encouragement.


Bruce Stormer
Board Chair