Covid-19 - Update

It’s important that you are aware of how COVID-19 is impacting us here at GC3 and what we are doing about it.

As far as we are able, we are wanting it to be ‘business-as-usual’.

The greatest impact is that we will be working from home from now on. We are all set up to do this. That means we will continue to be able to offer most of the key services we have in the past. However, for a time, it may also mean we will be forced to sacrifice some that we have traditionally offered.

Let me list some obvious impacts –

Face to face contact
This is no longer be possible. As from today, March 23rd, our office will be closed.

The emails of all staff will continue to be monitored daily.

Voice Contact
Our office landline will not be monitored, but in cases of need, you can call me on my cell phone – 021 485 445.

Please continue to supply funds to our mission partners. As never before, many of them will need greater financial support. While we will not be able to receive and process cheques sent through the mail, one-off gifts can still be made electronically and via our webpage facilities. Your contributions via these means will be processed and included in the remittances to mission partners.

The bank account numbers to be used are –

  • 06 0729 0336879 00 for GCiM, funds for mission partners
  • 06 0729 0336908 00 for GC Assist, support for GC3 operations
  • 06 0729 0522196 00 for GC Aid, funds for disasters and institutions

In all cases of one-off gifts, please provide as much identifying detail as you can with the transaction, then flick an email to admin@gc3.org.nz with your instructions and address details.

We believe firmly in God’s ability and power to change things. It’s therefore very important that we pray like never before. While we will make every endeavour to continue the electronic despatch of e-Connect when we can, we aren’t able to guarantee it will be every Wednesday. We will not be in a position to mail any paper copies.

Our 2020 Headspace program has today been suspended until further notice. The seven gappers are on their way to their homes.

Mission Partner contact
We remain in regular contact with the mission partners we serve. Last week, two letters were sent to every mission partner reminding them of our love and care, offering to journey with and support them as best we’re able. Since then, each sending church has received a reminder of their duty of care to the partners they have commended. The care of our partners is paramount for us.

There may be other questions on your mind, questions I haven’t covered off here. If there is something that is very important to you, be sure to email or text or phone me.

But above all, let us pray!

There are these very obvious things –

Some mission partners have made it home and are now in isolation. However, there are others who are stuck. Government travel restrictions and airline flight cancellations are forcing some to be in places not of their choice. I have heard of two US aid workers in Africa who have no immediate means of getting home to young families. Pray for psychological and physical protection for folk in these circumstances.

We have many national brothers and sisters in countries experiencing poverty, with limited hygiene and sub-standard medical help. I cannot imagine what it must be like for these people. My heart cries out to God for them. Would you join me in petitioning God for His protection and comfort for them?

Our mission partners need our financial support. We have a reliable system and infrastructure for the processing of gifts and the remittance of funds to our partners. However, it could be challenging for us in this lock-down to complete our processes as quickly as we would like. Pray with us to ‘the owner of the cattle on a thousand hills’ that His supply will continue through His people, and that despite the challenges we will get the funds through promptly.

Our Headspace program has been suspended today. Please pray for the seven gappers in their disappointment. Pray also for other opportunities that will arise for them during the next few weeks.

Our Government and its agencies are having to make important decisions on behalf of us all. God has instructed us to pray for them, so let’s be obedient. Pray they will have wisdom and good judgement, acting decisively and appropriately.

And let’s renew our confidence in the One Who holds the world in His hands. We have a hope that many around don’t have, and what an opportunity is ours now to share the Good News of Jesus with neighbours, colleagues and friends. Pray for God-given conversations.

For now,

Sefton Marshall
GC3 Operations Director
021 485 445