this week is an important one! it really does matter!


As we look back, we are all experiencing the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to us in Aotearoa NZ.  We have our restrictions which may make us feel uncomfortable and a little disorientated.  But I’m sure you’re thinking, like me, our situation is nothing compared to that of so many folk in other countries.  Many are experiencing inadequate health systems, little or no hygiene, with little or no clean running water, and often government authorities taking advantage of their new-found power! 

Their situation is dire and I’m sure you’d like to help them.

Already we are liaising with our sister organisations around the world with a view to creating a global response.  You can be sure any donation you make will be targeted and used strategically to achieve a ‘gospel impact’ alongside the much needed humanitarian aid.

Tropical Cyclone Harold

Then in the past couple of days, we’ve seen the devastating impact of TC Harold on Vanuatu and Fiji.  People have lost their lives, and many others have lost homes and livelihoods.  Will you be a part of helping rebuild the lives for the people so badly impacted by TC Harold?

We are launching appeals for both of these disasters through GC Aid.  Gifts and donations made will qualify for Tax Credit Donations receipts.


But now we’re on the eve of Easter.  As we contemplate the significance of the cross and all that Jesus endured bringing salvation to us and the world, let us not only respond with thankfulness and worship to Him but with a practical response the need and suffering around us.  I’m sure that’s a most appropriate response too!

Please give to these causes by making a donation here.

Sefton Marshall
Operations Director