Psalm 93: The Lord Reigns

In Papua New Guinea, for over 8 years we lived by the sea. Its sounds, whether thundering crashes over rocks or reefs, or swishing wavelets sweeping up the beaches, were parts of our subconscious. The waves constantly invited us to listen to their restless mobility and persistent efforts to invade the land they had come up against.

Psalm 93 is an invitation to consider God in the image of towering rocks above a stormy ocean. The psalm implicitly acknowledges that the Creator God who at the beginning
produced, and then divided land from water (Gen 1:9), is still in control of all. In fact, the strength and solidity of the rocks and mountains, as well as the mobility and pounding of the waves, together sing a song to God. They honour the rule of God from all eternity (vs.1, 2).

The restless tossing of the sea in The Psalms is sometimes an image of the world of godless nations surrounding the tiny country of Israel (v3 cf. Isa 57:20; Jud 13). The faith of
the psalmist is reflected in v4. Whether the noise is from the physical ocean waves, or from the clamour of nations (as in Psalm 2:1,2), the psalmist can take comfort in the overruling might of God.

Christian mission can sometimes feel like one is merely a floating chip on the ocean of world events and catastrophies. But faith lays hold of the greater might and over-ruling authority of Yahweh God, despite all else appearing to the contrary.

Two solid foundations are highlighted in the pithy 3-line concluding stanza (v5). They form a basis for the faith claims of this psalm. First, the security of the statutes of the Lord. The distinctive orderliness of Israel’s lifestyle under the covenant, provided daily reminders of God’s requirements for the faithful. An implication is to have a willing heart to follow God whatever the cost. Second, the holy character of God, represented in the Temple, helps the worshipper and mission worker alike to rest in God’s promises for a final good outcome.

We should regularly sharpen our focus for mission by revelling in the knowledge that ‘our God reigns’.

Ossie Fountain
Sharpening Our Mission Focus Through The Psalms