What is GC Assist?

GC Assist provides the physical and human resources for GC3's operations.

GC Assist is the operations trust within GC3.

It is this trust that employs our directors & staff, holds the contracts with our suppliers & through which we generally conduct our operations. That means the operational activity listed for GCiM & GC Aid happens through this trust.

Like every other similar organisation, GC Assist pays & claims GST. It also complies with all its other tax obligations & enjoys 'donee status', meaning the donations it receives qualify for tax credits.

GC Assist is funded from the 8% charge on the funds handled by GCiM & from donations made to us by individuals & organisations.

Besides covering these operational aspects of GC3, GC Assist runs Headspace, a gap year programme for school leavers. Headspace is our investment in the next generation for mission, recognising that future mission partners & church leaders will come from a group of young people.

This year long programme transforms the lives of up to fifteen young Christians through training, education, spiritual awareness & development, hard physical work & a ten week overseas missions experience in Thailand.

Another part of the programme is the involvement of two people in an internship, enabling practical experience in Christian ministry while studying at a Bible College.