How could I not return?

Dean Yeoman (DPG pg 10) has returned to SA in response to an invitation to help with recovery after Cyclone Idai. He penned a few words before his departure.

It is obvious that Cyclone Idai is unfolding to be a huge disaster. Our Mercy Air helicopter was amongst the first responders as soon as this started developing and when I saw some of the first images of the devastation, I felt almost guilty that life should be so good here in New Zealand, when thousands of folks in Moz were huddled together on tiny “islands” in a sea of brown swirling flood water, without food or shelter, not even able to keep their feet dry, everything lost. Our conversation with Mercy Air developed into an invite to go back and help the team temporarily through this disaster relief. We dropped everything and started a 19 hour drive back from the far North to Christchurch, organizing flights and cancelling speaking engagements as we drove. Our sincere apologies to those of you that we abandoned at such short notice, but thanks so much for the overwhelming encouragement to go and do this. We will arrive back in Christchurch Saturday midday, I will fly out to SA early Sunday and take our second heli up to Moz Monday. Kaylene will remain in Christchurch and will join our daughter Rachel who works with TEAR fund, in support of the immigrant & refugee families affected by the Christchurch shooting.