Headspace - Block 1

We’ve had a great start to 2019. We’ve kicked off the year with a team of 16 that includes eleven gappers, two interns, our leaders Walter and Tracy Annear and Youth Director, Charlie Shadbolt. 

Block One: Foundations Dates: 4th March - 31st March

Block Description: 
Getting to know one another and learning to live in community together. The gapper’s studies focus on deepening their understanding of the Bible and the missional heart of God. We have material based around emotional and spiritual health. We will also be using material from ‘Organic Outreach’ to sharpen our evangelism

Prayer Points:

  • That God would begin to reveal Himself to each gapper as they study His word.
  • That the team would find a flow and a sense of unity as the team dynamics are formed.
  • That God would begin to grow a heart for outreach in all the team.