Our Role In Global Church Planting

What needs to be done by whom in order to plant the churches required to bless all corners of the world? When could/should that work be international? That is a complex question that requires a global perspective and a level of nuance.

This infographic will help you understand the size of the challenge, the types of roles needed and some examples of who should fill them.


Personal Reflection
Without looking at any data, people may drop out of international mission if they believe either of two wrong assumptions: 1) the global need for church planting is so huge that their efforts seem tiny and inconsequential, or 2) the church is now so widespread that each country can take care of its own church planting work without any international help. But thanks to the Global Church Planting Network, there is now some data that can help you see things more accurately. As you read this, what do you think about the need in your own country and the need in the countries you are passionate about serving?

Engaging the Church
As you consider the type of help that this Missiographic says your country needs and the role that you might need to play, is your church in agreement? Are they getting the kind of help described from those beyond their borders? Does your church understand its role in the global church planting movement? What could you do to educate people in your church, help them to hear from outsiders and begin to respond to the role they might play in the big picture? If you should not be taking a leadership role, how can you help your church understand what that looks like?

Organizational Application
As an organization, you have the chance to mobilize people for church planting or supporting churches in a variety of ways. Are you coming alongside them in humility and serving them as they reach out? Are you challenging churches and helping them understand the roles that are needed? Does your staff understand the role that is needed from your organization and country? Are they equipped to fulfill that role graciously and competently? What can your organization do to advance the global movement and see more churches planted?