Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief

You have seen the news. More than 20,000 people in Syria and Turkey have been killed by two massive earthquakes and numerous aftershocks.  Hundreds of buildings have been destroyed and whole buildings full of families, neighbours and friends have been lost.  Winters in this region are severe and it is bitterly cold at the moment, with temperatures below freezing.  Humanitarian organisations are now working in the region.  They face the challenge of providing shelter, food, water, and medicine to ensure that  those who survived the earthquakes can continue to survive amid the horrific conditions that they face. 

Pray for the believers in Turkey and Syria that they will be able to bring practical help and spiritual comfort during this terrible tragedy.

GC3 is working with contacts in this region, and with sister support agencies, to help those in need. Please consider making a contribution to support the relief work in Turkey and Syria into the GC Aid  bank account (06 0729 0522196 00), or  alternatively, go to GC3 | Donate to pay online. And remember, a gift to GC Aid will qualify for tax credits in personal tax returns.