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We thank the Lord to have been able to attend an Italian IFES conference on being witnesses in a difficult cultural context. We ask you to pray for preparation for two evangelistic events in Rome which are to take place on the 15th and 21st of December. You can write to Andrew if you wish to know more.
Thank you for praying and supporting the work here. It is all much appreciated. Thanks and praise to God for my permit coming through and for his provision through this year.
Thank you for praying for safety on the roads and at work in the hospital.
Karen is home from the hospital in Tauranga and recovering well. The blood clots seem to have disappeared and are now under control. Thank you all for your prayers.
Please pray for the need to consolidate FFF Core Leadership team. Thank God for the FFF Elders/Leaders Retreat in Nov, where fifteen leaders worked together for 2018. Pray for the believers to contact/care for Neighbours. Please continue to pray for brother Y’s recovery and for the party we plan on December 17 to celebrate God's provision. Pray as we continue to equip leaders for pastoral care over the summer period. Rejoice and pray for the birthing of new FFF in Northshore, City Fringe, Greenlane, Mangere and Southside. Pray for a host group to emerge on the East and West sides of Auckland.
Remember 8000 churches throughout Japan redeeming the Christmas opportunity for evangelism. Pray for a Buddhist priest and others who attended our local Christmas outreach held on 9th December. Our son Russell is directing a Christmas performance in his Tokyo church on 23rd.
We are back in Colombia, back in harness, our counselling appointment diary filling up fast. We are expecting lots of visitors to stay over the holiday period. Our time in NZ exceeded our expectations: quality time with our 93-year-old father and fantastic book sales.
Two recent significant events in the Zambezi river delta [the mosquito net distribution and the killing of a man-eating croc] instead of being a blessing, have highlighted the depth of spiritual control that witch doctors have over the minds of people. Pray that government, community leaders and Christians, will take a stand against this folly which results in fear, distrust and abuse of women.
The recent combined Fiji Brethren annual convention was highly successful with over 500 attending. Pray the elders and leaders will be able to keep up the memento of the sound teaching given at the convention and encourage the believers. Fiji is now into the cyclone season. Pray for the protection of the Lord’s people and others should a natural disaster occur.
Michael, a Russian Jew came to us in 1999 seeking help. He returned to Israel one year later. We had kept contact through email and had Bible Studies, but there was a five-year gap. Today we received an email from Michael now married with a little daughter living in Canada. We were delighted he had taken the initiative to contact us again. We are interviewing candidates for Hatikvah (The Hope) 2018 school of Jewish Studies. Pray the Lord will bring those of His choice to the study course.
We enjoyed catching up with Isaac and meeting his friends at his Discipleship School graduation. Pray for him as he looks for work and transitions (again!) to a new situation. We had fun traveling with overseas friends, and a weeks' break in beautiful Queenstown. We return to Nelson on Saturday, and hope to settle into a work routine quickly.
We are working with Pelaꞌwan people, getting Bible story booklets and a chapter of the Bible ready for a consultant check before we leave on Saturday. We plan to spend two months away working and visiting in NZ and other places. Our daughter Christiana is spending part of her summer holiday in the Philippines, helping a translation team translate Emmaus Courses into Tagalog.
Akira is serving for the Auckland Japanese Christian Church as an elder. This is the only Japanese church in Auckland. Please pray for the team work of the church leaders most of whom have heavy workloads from their jobs. The church does not have a pastor.