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We are heading to Gaborone to pick up our family. Please pray for safety on the roads. We are looking forward to the next few weeks off and to recoup. Thank the Lord for His wonderful love and provision. Pray for our end of year children’s Bible study break up this coming Sunday. The lesson will be, “I cannot come to the party!”
Back in Congo the CDLA Board (Centre for the Development of Indigenous Christian Leaders) are working on the programme for next year’s work. They are planning Bible conferences in many areas across Katanga and two major medical campaigns. These will all be dependent on a reasonable state of security in the country. Elections are due there on December 23rd, so we would value your prayers for a peaceful election and transition of power.
Last Tuesday, the mountain village Salento, was cut off by a landslide on the road. We went up on Friday and despite long delays due to roadworks, we managed to get there and back before an important appointment at 2pm in Armenia. The group want to complete the spiritual spring-cleaning Steps towards Freedom before the busy tourist season over Christmas, so this week we are going Monday, Tuesday and Friday despite our already heavy schedule. There is a possibility the road will be closed. The devil is doing his best to oppose the work of God in the hearts of these believers. Pray for us for spiritual and physical protection, guidance, fortitude and perseverance!
Thank you for praying for me while I have been in PNG. I have needed your prayers. Nothing is straight forward or has simple outcomes when you are serving God in a country like PNG. I serve Jesus Christ with amazing people who love God and want to serve Him too. We are increasingly being impacted by a new generation of leaders, they want to see the CBC churches of PNG grow spiritually and impact the society around them. They are inspiring. Many churches in NZ would love to have them as part of their fellowship. One such person is Philip, who will be coming to NZ early in 2019. I leave Wewak on Sunday and then PNG on Tuesday. Thanks again for your support and prayers.
As I'm sure that you've guessed, still no visa yet! I received an email last week from the hospital to say that they had been contacted by immigration for some more information, and that my visa was being expedited. So ongoing prayer for that to come through and peace and patience in the limbo would be awesome!
We have just returned from a few days in Oz debriefing two couples who have recently had to leave the Big Country and a single woman who has left after 10 years. By God's grace they have handled the intense hours of interrogation well, with perseverance, love and heavenly wisdom as to their replies. They are among dozens, if not hundreds of m's who have been deported in the last six months. Our team is unsettled about our conference in February which has been planned for a nearby location. The reach of the Big Country's intelligence is very long. Please pray for joy and peace for all believers in this country over this Christmas season.