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As valued supporters of CMCT, thank you for your ongoing support and prayers. We will continue to work in the CMCT NZ office because it is in our home. The sponsored children, soup kitchen ministry, work among those with leprosy and HIV/Aids, the Handicraft Centre and other ministries to the poorest of the poor remain the priority with CMCT. India also has now been placed in lockdown. Keep in your prayers the people in the slums who are not able to buy and store food and hygiene items like many of us do.
The airlines have cancelled all international flights. That means the trip to Malawi, from Atlanta through South Africa, will not occur next week as planned. Please pray for the two men I was going to travel with, that left early. Dan and Joe are from You Turn Ministries. They made it to Malawi but are now stuck until South African Airlines flies again. The earliest seems to be late May. For Dan and Joe to return via an alternate route means quarantines in more than one country. They are both married and have kids in the US. It is not an ideal situation. All the equipment they need to proceed with their goals in Malawi is still in the US, at SonSet Solutions, further exacerbating this already bad situation.
In response to the covid-19 situation, the Philippines has been confined within their own communities. Although we are keeping in our home we can still go for walks within our secured subdivision and travel to supermarkets and pharmacies. From seeking the Lord, together we feel His leading to stay put for the time being here in Butuan. We sense His peace in our decision. Please pray for wisdom as we look at ways to bless others in need through the local church. Pray for creative ways to entertain Jesse while spending much of our time at home! Please pray for our families back home, for the Lord's peace to reign during this difficult time.
Please pray for our general health as we work through the consequences of this virus on all of our lives. Pray that we will remain faithful and useful for God at CLTC during this difficult time. Pray we will not become overwhelmed by the situation in PNG, NZ, and the world. Please also pray for our respective families in PNG and NZ.
We have been able to work up at camp, which was our plan for this month, but are unable to make any visits. The group from the States returned just before all borders were closed and no flights in or out of the country. This means Wes and Kath Brown from Christchurch are not able to leave as scheduled and are not sure when they will be able to return to NZ which is difficult for them. But in the meantime, they continue to help with the different projects at camp. Our son and his wife who live here in Guatemala are in the States and are not able to get back here, but they are with my niece which helps. We now have a curfew from 4pm until 4am. This morning Graham gave a video message which has gone on FB and You Tube. Thank you for your prayers.
Fiji has had some devastating floods this week and some low areas have be affected and people displaced. Pray for the believers throughout the country as they use the days of uncertainty to comfort and encourage their families and neighbours. Some of the regions are on Covid-19 lockdown and praying Fiji will be able to cope if a breakout of the virus becomes widespread. Schools, camps and public gatherings have been cancelled and church leaders are involved with assisting in practical ways. As most activities are on hold at present we look to the Lord for the right time when we should return to Fiji - In the meantime we keep in constant touch with our contacts and able to encourage and pray with some over phone or a video link. Pray for the impoverished and struggling peoples of Fiji – especially the ones who have lost property trusting assistance is forthcoming.
Mary from the UK and I remain here in Congo. We have sufficient supplies of food locally but are desperate for medicines which come from Lubumbashi 800km away. Lubumbashi is now in lockdown since two passengers tested positive and the 71 others disappeared. Trying to trace them is extremely difficult here. We don't have any tests and there are very few masks etc for barrier nursing. Pray that we get supplies of milk powder for orphans. Mary has bronchitis at the moment.
Please pray for Hannah today as she leaves the large village she lives in and attempts to move to stay in a missionary base in the Calapan, the provincial capital. She has permission to travel as far as Pinamalayan. If she is unable to travel to Calapan, she plans to stay with believers in Pinamalayan. People in the large tribal village Hannah is based in have not been taking the Covid 19 pandemic seriously, prompting Hannah to deliver a 2000-word report with advice she wrote in their language and read it out after a church meeting. Officials heard about infringements there, so army have been deployed there to stop them going downriver. Pray for the people's well-being, especially as many have not accepted the gospel yet, and pray too for Hannah's travel and safety.
Please pray for your brothers and sisters in the Philippines who are undergoing the same trials as you are, but in many cases with less help and support. Graeme and Rachel are fine in their 'bubble' in their remote location on Palawan. Christiana is further down the island in her 'bubble' in the remote school compound where she has been teaching. Please pray for the people they have been working with, that they would stay at home and for God's protections and that He would somehow bring good things out of this awful pandemic. Palawan has one confirmed case of Covid 19.
Coronavirus has affected everyone everywhere on so many levels. We are safe and well here in Tijuana. We have stopped receiving teams for eight weeks. Some of our staff are leaving to go to their home cities/countries. We still have about 90 staff staying here in Tijuana. All the local schools here have been shut down until the end of April. However, the teachers are still sending work home to keep up with the school year. Local ministry is being paused. Home building is on hold and we are having to make hard cutback decisions. We don't want to be responsible to spreading this virus, but we also want to be available for those who are hurting and need help. It is heart-breaking for us! Please pray for wisdom for us, protection over the country of Mexico and for YWAM San Diego Baja.
As of Saturday, the upcoming festival has been cancelled, pre-schools and movie theatres are closed. International schools have closed, and our college has followed their lead. At shopping malls your temperature is checked, and you use hand sanitiser on entry. We have discussed all the pros and cons of staying or leaving over the past few days and at this stage we are comfortable with our decision to stay here. We are reviewing this decision daily knowing that the choice to leave maybe lost at some point. We know that the infrastructure and government systems are fragile, and any pressure will lead to a breakdown of services. We are in the process of preparing ourselves for that possibility and are making arrangements for a backup power source and ensuring we can access water. We already have medications, wipes and sanitiser etc to use if one of us does get sick. There are some in our team who have returned to their home countries. There is another couple from our team who are also staying. They live quite close to us, so we have each other for support.
I (Murray) am safe back in NZ. Back in Congo my Congolese colleagues have witnessed huge food price rises for the staple foods. It was humbling to experience my Congolese colleagues care and support as I had to make such a quick exit from Congo. Could I please ask you all to continue to pray for and support these men and women as they support and staff the multitude of ministries that now carry the load during these troubled days. CDLA have cancelled activities for four weeks.
Robert and Ruth have returned to NZ due to Covid-19 and because of their health vulnerabilities, age, and the rapidly reducing flight availability. They began their 14-day mandatory self-isolation on March 20th Please give thanks for their safe return and current lack of symptoms. Pray for refreshing sleep and renewed strength so that they will be able to continue aspects of their various ministries on-line.
We continue to have contact at a distance with family in the Lazio region, with the assembly in Rome and the church we attend in Catania (sharing of prayer requests and news is essential at this stage and needed for the spiritual wellbeing of all). Patrizia also continues to give input to Sunday school children, even if at a distance. We also are sending evangelistic materials online to a family in Acireale. There are four families who have lost work due to the no cash rules (local markets, house cleaning etc) that we are trying to help.
Here in Chennai the government has closed all the schools and colleges. Our Medical work is open, and all the rest of our Ministries are working 50/50. All the Departments have planned a work schedule so that the staff will work in turns. There is no restriction in office timings now and the staff can come at their convenience in the morning and all leave at 4 pm. This will enable them to travel in public transport when the crowd will be less.
Please pray: - for spiritual, emotional and physical protection over the Selah team and their families, also the Selah kids and their families - that the lockdown would be a short and effective period by the grace of God - the village shop continues to remain open with good supply - for local authorities to have grace in the villages where access to water is limited, toilets shared, and firewood needs to be found. People will need to leave their houses in these situations - for my visa paperwork, for the documents needed to arrive safely in time, for fees that need to be made and paid in time and that the places open to make this happen. Pray God's grace, mercy and protection over this process, for every person or authority involved in this process to have grace.
Please pray for our team at Radio Jeewan Dhaara, as they reach out to connect with people via radio.
I (Liliane) would like to thank everyone who has been praying for me. Last Wednesday, I had the last session of chemotherapy. I have no more symptoms, but I am supposed to repeat all my exams in three weeks time. According to the doctors my chances of not having surgery is nill. However, we serve our Jehovah Rafah (the God who heals), so nothing is impossible for Him. Please keep on praying for my full recovery.
Amidst these unprecedented time FFF Tab Auckland continues. Online BStudies have been enhanced with more of our neighbours using this group. Pray also for the twelve leaders who are engaging with video conversation and prayer. Pray that God's Spirit continues to work in hearts and conversations even though they are not F2F. Pray for Bruce and Robin as they work and engage from home.
Please pray for adaption to the rules and regulations which change frequently, for wisdom to make decisions that affect the health and wellbeing of those we care for, for wisdom for those in authority - especially for our Governor and Mayor and for resistance to the virus. Give thanks that we have the privilege of being part of a small prayer group that surrounds and encourages the Governor on a daily basis, that the Governor’s virus test was negative and that we have plenty of fresh food.
Please pray for our Hebrew Christian friends. With the closure of NZ's borders, it has meant their flight booking was cancelled. Pray for Leonid, a former Shalom camper trapped in NY with his wife and family. Pray for Darryl who has accepted Jesus as his Saviour and Lord. He continues to keep regular contact. Pray Brian and Vicky will be kept in good health. All outreach to the Jews is via email.
Give thanks that our translation team is still able to work from different locations around the world. Please pray for our mother-tongue translator and his family as they settle into a new location having just relocated. Pray for the new applicants applying for membership, as their plans are more uncertain at this time.
Colleen (Day 9) Give thanks and rejoice with us as the Lord has answered prayers and enabled us to start two new soup kitchens with finance for three years! Please pray for India and the great needs in this country. Pray for God’s covering over the work of CMCT.