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Thank you for praying for the workshop with the hotel staff and for the retreat in Neiva. In both places we saw blessing. Please continue to pray for the many people who come for counselling every day. Praise God the fountain of Living Water never dries up!
Please continue to pray for Leanna, the YWAM nurse who coordinates all the medical work in the Zambezi delta, as she continues her recovery. She was robbed and violently beaten while in Beira, sustaining some rib and tailbone injuries and a laceration to the back of her head which required three staples.
Give much thanks and praise to God!!! My visa has been accepted. Thank God for His goodness and faithfulness throughout! I will be back to Selah Wednesday which I am very much looking forward to!!
Allan is at Zarephath Bible Seminary in Pakistan from 23rd Sept – 2nd Oct, conducting ‘Introduction to Advanced Theological Studies’ sessions for a new cohort of 8-9 students in the MTh program, facilitating a study skills refresher day for the first cohort of nine students, and advising/consulting with the seminary leaders on the continuing details of the program. Please pray for stress-free travel, in-country safety, and worthwhile interactions for this strategic leadership development program (a first for Pakistan).
This pastoral care journey through the B1g C0untry has been very different from those previous. In every city where we have our people they have shared stories of h@r@ssment and lengthy int3rrog@tions. The men in blue hope to wear people down with fear and insecurity. A good many m's have been required to leave or have left voluntarily. We have been advised against visiting one of our young women for fear of compromising her further. The local sund@y groups are living under growing control and threats. The new law (Feb 2018) now forbids anyone under 18 from attending a sund@y group. Please pr@y for this great nation currently so hostile to all rel1g1on.
Thank you for your prayers for our Standard 7 pupils who sat their national exams on the last Wednesday & Thursday of term. It was great that they weren't put off a week like they were last year, when there was a lack of paper in the government office! They will be spending the first two weeks of term practicing for their graduation. They graduate on October 5th, then have three months off school.
Your prayers for the Swahili Campus and for those of us serving there are very much appreciated, especially this week as we seek God about the way forward. We give thanks for what God has done in this space and pray that God will continue to bless and protect His work. Please pray for two groups of women that have been formed as a result of the earlier series about the workplace and for a possible training/outreach for house helps in the area.
Praise our Lord for some money that has been made available from NZ to build another two houses for people in need in our village. For this past month temps have been on the rise between 50 and 60 most days. Please pray that the rains will come soon to fill the dam that supplies the village water and that our Lord will protect and strengthen us in this heat.