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Yesterday I met with about fifty people hungry to hear the Word of God in a little village in Pakistan Punjab. They live in very basic conditions and are pretty poor. Many of them hand make bricks. They get paid $10 for a thousand of them. In the house where we had an evening meal, there were twelve people living. These brothers and sisters are part of our network. But despite the economic poverty and living as a minority in a hostile place, their faith was infectious. If only I had half the joy these people have. Later in the week I travel to Egypt, then on to Armenia and Ethiopia. I know I’ll meet many more like this. Challenged.
I am enjoying teaching the New Joshua Teachers Training College students. There are twelve of them, seven boys, five girls. It's so encouraging to see girls choosing career paths, and for some actually being allowed by their family to attend. Most of them have never stayed away from their parents before, so it's a big change in living environment. We have a two-storied dormitory block. It's also a big change of diet, especially for the Masai boys, but also for the ones from wealthy families. Pray for them as they build friendships, settle back into classes and study.
An older woman has requested a home group in her home. She has a lot of influence in her village. Pray for people to come to this home group. We have been waiting for a building for the Community Village Project. In the meantime, we have been making home visits to children in the village to invite them along. A lot are enthusiastic to come. Now a public school has given permission to use their gym even when school is still going, so that is great!
Now that we are back in NZ we can say a little more about our impressions of the church in the Big Country. Overall the picture is encouraging with various past weaknesses being worked on by leadership in both the registered and unregistered churches. Many are coming to faith across the country. The government leadership, which is in place for the next five years, is not particularly sympathetic to our faith but not overtly hostile either, in general terms. Please pr for the huge number of believers, many of them young, in this great nation.
We believe we should return to PNG before the end of the year and do our urban churches circuit as we will not be able to get back there until March/April 2018. A short video made of Yvonne at work with the ladies at Omili Christian Centre, which saw the emergence of an exciting ministry, called “Dorcas Creations” is available. If you would like to see this, send your email address to kevin@rdf.org.nz
With our departure to New Zealand less than three weeks away it is getting harder to trust God for Manuela's situation in our absence. We are still waiting for the vacancy in the rehab centre for teenagers and we still have no Plan B. Join us in asking God what His plan for her is.
It’s our last couple of weeks in New Zealand. Flights are booked for November 1st and we are looking forward to being back in Tshesebe. We still have a few meetings to take in Whangarei and Hamilton, then our last engagement will be at our commending Assembly on the 29th October. Pray for our safe return, spiritual strength, wisdom, and financial support for now and in the future.