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Pray as Murray teaches on Biblical Hebrew poetry in a special land for all of June. Pray for energy and concentration for his fifteen students to finish well. They have been studying hard away from their families since January, upgrading their Hebrew ready for this course. Each of them (experienced lecturers, Bible translators and consultants) were carefully selected from nine different countries to go back as trainers of others more locally. The graduation is on June 28th.
Thanks for your prayers for the Workplace Sermon Series, which has been well received by the Swahili Campus. We have started another season of Mizizi (discipleship class)—with 35 people attending this past Sunday. After the service almost all the NDOA (marriage) Group from Season one met. They want to keep meeting each month, even though the actual classes finished almost two months ago. Please keep praying for discussions with several local schools regarding the economic empowerment curriculum and for spiritual protection, wisdom and discernment.
We give thanks to the Lord for a safe journey back to our place of ministry after a needed time of rest and a change of scenery for a little while in NZ. Please pray for us as we readjust to the humidity here and get back into our routine of ministry. Pray for the believers as they are conducting a new outreach about two days hike away from the main village. We are excited to have the completed book of Exodus now printed and ready to hand out to the believers in many locations. This will be a blessing to them as they continue reading from Genesis.
Helen and I will be travelling in Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Mozambique until mid-August. We have numerous partners who are facing issues of indescribable poverty as they seek to lead people to Christian maturity. Some are facing extremism and political instability as well. Their lives are fraught with pressure and difficulty. But they are seeing many come to faith and churches growing. We are anticipating a lot of encouraging, praying, planning and discussions.
There is a great deal of paperwork involved in the upcoming wedding. After Simon and I arrived in Indonesia we discovered our wedding certificate is also needed. However, after much searching at home (by the girls) and us here it is yet to be found.
When the NZ visitors we expected last week were prevented from coming to Colombia, we found ourselves with four ‘free’ days. The appointments diary quickly filled up at short notice with ‘divine appointments’. Pray for these folks who we’d had on our waiting list. They include: a Roman Catholic lady with advanced cancer who we evangelised and prayed for, for divine healing; a distraught woman whose husband is caught up in an extra-marital affair under the spell of a sorceress. She received encouragement to keep believing for a miracle. A young widow received emotional and spiritual healing. We have also had quality prayer times with three of our ‘granddaughters’ this weekend
We are now back in Hamilton after another nine weeks shared with the churches in Port Moresby (3), Lae (1) and Mt Hagen (1). It is tough living in these growing cities and their cash economies with rising food costs, school and universities fees and family pressures living in confined spaces. Praise God for the growing churches, some overflowing and needing larger facilities. Dorcas Creation groups are continuing well and there is a call from suburban churches wanting to start groups. It is good to see that ladies are recognising this and trying to participate in the expansion. Discipleship groups are being started, and one church has established literacy, reading, writing and cooking groups. One of the factors in city church growth is families that can relocate to safer areas to access better schooling, are putting leadership and staffing pressures on urban churches. Please pray for PNG as tribal fighting and money management is an endemic issue. Pray that Christians will respond with Godly character and behaviour. Thank you for your prayers for us, we returned tired.
Government and English medium schools throughout Tanzania are currently on their mid-year, four-week holiday. Somehow, my life seems to be busier during the school holidays! We have a lot of visitors coming to stay at the Joshua Foundation compound in the next few months, for anywhere between two nights to three months. Hospitality is one of the six responsibilities I have: making sure accommodation is ready, taxi pickups arranged, and safari holidays booked!