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Thank the Lord that extra help will be arriving soon. Mary & Danny will arrive 26th April at Lubumbashi, and Keri & Josh will arrive 1st May
For the past few weeks heavy rain has caused extensive flooding in Fiji. Some believers who attended the Assembly had to wade through deep water to get there. The water level came up to the bottom of the floorboards of the Sigatoka Gospel Chapel and we are grateful there was no damage to the inside of the building. Plans are in process so the land lease can be legally ‘signed-off’ and building of a new Chapel can then get underway. Pray for proposed programs for the rest of year which include visitation, evangelistic outreach, leader training workshops and Bible study seminars – including Gideon Bible distribution to the remote interior of Viti Levu.
We are very encouraged by the response of some of the teens this year. There is an open thirst and desire to know God’s will for their lives and to want to follow His path. Please pray especially for F. who is encountering many problems at home because of her decision, and for M. P. and A. who want to know more of God but because of the widespread ignorance here they have little reading comprehension and critical thinking skills, so it is very hard for them to read the Bible for themselves with comprehension. Please pray for wisdom for us to know how to direct and guide them towards real understanding.
We travel to South Asia for meetings on the 25th. Darlene is leading the daily prayer sessions, and Craig is leading several computer training sessions. Please pray for our boys at home, and our girls staying with Darlene's parents.
Please continue to pray for the people here in Mascali to whom we are presenting the Gospel this Easter and please pray for us as we search for an abode in another location closer to the church we currently attend. Finally, please pray for a regional meeting relating to ministry to migrants and refugees in Sicily due to take place in Ragusa at the end of the month.
April 20th is the first night of Pesach (Passover) and some Jews will focus on the Passover lamb. And around this time Christians will be looking to remember God's Lamb, Messiah Jesus, who came into the world to give His life a ransom for many. Pray for us as we discuss God's Word with our Jewish friends who are showing interest. May they listen and believe. Len age 14 came to Passover camp back in the 1980s. Now married with a young family he emailed us saying how he remembered the Messiah in the Torah lessons (studies in Genesis-Deuteronomy) at camp. He wanted to link up again to learn more. Keep on praying for Len and his young family. May their eyes be opened to the Truth about Jesus through the Scriptures
Pray that as a leadership team we would be strengthened in faith in God and that we would go from strength to strength working together. Please pray that the process for my next visa can start. Pray for the church paper to arrive, for the process to be smooth and completed in country and for the visa to be for five years.
From 22 -29 April we have 195 young leaders from all over the Philippines for a week of training. They are all former sponsored children who show special potential. We will be at the New Hope camp site near Cebu. Prayer is valued.
We are currently teaching at a Christian Training Camp for assemblies all over Palawan. Over a hundred students are attending, listening to lectures for five hours a day, doing assignments and having fun together for two weeks. Please pray for the camp and thank the Lord that so many leaders are attending along with the young people.
Please pray for me as I prepare to return to Papua New Guinea, that my time there will be profitable, and I will be able to achieve the many challenges that need to be addressed. I am called on to be involved in a range of tasks. One of the satisfying tasks I do is to act on behalf of churches and people in New Zealand who have an interest in the Christian Brethren Church work in PNG. In early May there will be the annual general meetings in Wewak. We are praying that this year these meetings will be a watershed moment in the life of CBC church ministries in PNG. There is a vital need for new leadership and new vision going forward for our churches. I will also be going to the English Language Bible School in Anguganak to teach 2 Samuel, that should be fun. Then there is the general support of the National Office (financial and otherwise).
Thank you for praying for my brother as he battles cancer, my wife Enless as she is expecting and for Mukinge Hospital.
Our God Story to share as humans we are not exempt to sickness. Sickness falls on the just and the unjust - we live in a fallen world. But we give thanks for God's care for Robin. His promise is to never leave us or forsake us. Yes, Robin got cancer 21 years ago and was recorded as a medical miracle. She has had 21 years of cancer free life when the worldwide average for this type of cancer is five years before it comes back. When it comes back it has already invaded an organ which it takes over and shuts down. But Robin's angel was not asleep. The tumors were found before they invaded the bowel, the liver or the kidneys. Last Tuesday they were able to be removed without damage to the organ. This is our story in God. Today she has been discharged from hospital. Please pray for the Auckland FFF group/leadership as Bruce takes some time to care for Robin