Please pray for a ladies’ conference taking place in the area from Monday to Friday this week. Pray that many will come and listen to God’s Word and be challenged by it.
Recently, I've been working with two Tawbuid ladies to draft a booklet explaining the gospel in the Tawbuid language. The main focus of the booklet will be that God saves us because of his own kindness, not because we have managed to appease him. As we were talking through these ideas, one of the ladies admitted that she had always thought that we had to be very good people before God would love us or save us. Pray for her and the many other Tawbuid people who go to church in the hope that they will someday be 'good enough' for God to love them.
After all the necessary checks being completed, we are excited that the first three books of the Pentateuch are now in the hands of the people for the first time ever! Having these books to read in their own heart language builds their understanding firmly in the truths that they have heard for many years from the Chronological Bible lessons. Please pray for us as we continue to teach and disciple the believers here while continuing with Old Testament Bible translation. Thank you for praying for the outreaches in the surrounding areas and those further away. God's Word is lighting up the dark places of the jungle where people have previously had no access to the truth.