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We decided to be quite bold giving Curt a copy of the Scriptures. We suggested he follow some instructions. A time of prayer for God to reveal Messiah Jesus to him. We received an email saying he had written an assignment on John's Gospel. John the Baptist caught his attention. He began his 2 A4 page assignment "when I was about three or four, I wanted to be called John as we lived in John Street. (quite near to us). Curt is continuing reading. Pray his eyes will be opened to the Truth. Pray for students for Hatikvah (The Hope) our school of Jewish studies. Semester One commences 2nd week in March.
At the moment I am working with the national office of YWAM Norway as we start the process of moving all of YWAM to more centralised IT systems; to hopefully make better use of available technology and to help us to be GDPR compliant (GDPR is the privacy law that we need to follow in Europe).
Praise God for His provision of hardware and software for my role as Software support/IT Scripture engagement. Praise God for the privilege of serving Him on my 60th birth anniversary this month. Wycliffe NZ urgently needs admin and finance personnel.
Praise God that Colleen was able to attend the celebrations of her 80th birthday and 55 years of service in India and give God glory. Continue to pray for the strengthening of her legs so that she will be able to stand and walk freely to continue the work God has called her for. Pray for the Lord to speak to the hearts of the authorities and quicken the process of issuing us the Building Regularisation Certificate, which we require urgently for the renewal of registration of our Orphanage.
Prayer is needed for this weekend’s Fiji Gospel Combined Elders conference at Coral Coast Camp. The theme for the Conference is - “What does a Discipling Church Look Like.” Dr Graeme who is a Senior Lecturer at UUNZ in Auckland and a member of the Navigators will be the guest keynote speaker. There has been a setback with the ‘signing -off’ of the Sigatoka Assembly land and another surveyor is to be enlisted to complete the work, paving the way so the new building can get underway. We value prayerful support regarding this project.
Please pray for Andrew as he is translating Disciple Making materials into Italian for training Italians and others in Sicily to make disciples. Also, he is confronting a big problem area in the life of his Bangladeshi friend in Catania. Please cover this in your prayers.
We had a good time in New Zealand attending our son's wedding, teaching at the Lake Learning Christian training camp and attending to medical matters. We arrived back in the Philippines on the 6th Feb. We have been working with Tagalog translators and are now on our way back to our remote location on Palawan. Please pray we will have a productive year.
Recently we asked prayer for our youngest daughter Luz Adriana who was in a dark, slippery place and not willing to accept the spiritual help we offered. Praise God over the past ten days she has met with the Lord and as she puts it, decided “to really pray”. She surprised us this morning when she slipped into the row beside us in church. It was obvious she heard the Lord speak to her during the service. We share this answer to prayer to encourage you to keep praying for her.
Thank you for praying for my brother Howard, who is battling cancer in Australia, and for the new operating theatre/ICU block here at Mukinge. Construction is starting soon.
We are now in the second semester with the kids. For the older kids it is important that they get good grades to make it into the next class, particularly to high school. For the younger kids they really need a better grasp of the language. Pray for the kids in their learning and that God would guide us in teaching these kids and helping them past these academic hurdles. Pray education will bring change in the kids' impoverished community.