Issachar Association

“Men of Issachar, who understood the times
and knew what Israel
should do—”

Our Purpose

The Issachar Association supports intelligent young people in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to complete their training at university or in the trades. We believe that helping fund this is one of the most useful contributions you could make.

The Issachar Association comprises a group of Christians from PNG and New Zealand. We sponsor up to 80% of the annual costs of students who have already completed a creditable first year of training, to finish gaining their qualifications. Most of these young people come from impoverished backgrounds. Successful students are required to agree to return on completion of their studies to their home communities or communities with the aim of making a useful contribution using the skills and training they have received during their time of study. This is to be done under the supervision of Issachar or an agency designated by Issachar. This will be for a period of at least three years. They are also required to relate to a mentor while in training and encouraged to continue afterwards with the aim of them developing leadership and management skills.

As part of their application for funding, students are required not only to provide testimonials, but also to write a re- integration plan laying out how they hope to use their skills for the common good and to “train others also”.

Members of the Issachar Association

Members are respected Christian people in PNG and NZ from whom the board can nominate future board members. Those selected are voted on by the members at the AGM.

Board of Management

Advisory Board

This board consists of people who can offer or be called upon for advice. Currently they are; John Hitchen, Kay Liddle, Sefton Marshall, Andrew McGregor, Peter McKenzie, John Sturt


We are seeking sponsors to enable a larger number of students to be financed. With limited finances, this initial year (2022) we have only had the funds to support five students. Their results to date have been promising.

You may be the sole supporter of a student. If this is your desire, you can contact Max Stevenson or John Hodgkinson to find students whose costs fit your finances. Alternatively, you may contribute partially to a specific student’s costs, or simply to the general pool of funds.

Costs in 2022 ranged from $1800 for a part time accountancy student, to $4700 for a dental student.

The Future

We are currently investigating the possibility of gifts being available for a tax credit claim for NZ individual taxpayers, and the distribution of income from Companies and Trusts, to be tax deductible.

Sending Money

To avoid any possibility of funds going astray, we send monies directly to the appropriate University.

Please send gifts to GCIM at 06-0729-0336879-00 nominated as for Issachar Association in the reference and with your cellphone number in the particulars. Please add 8% for administration costs.

GCIM will forward the money to Issachar in PNG.

Whichever way you send your gift, please notify:

advising how you wish your gift to be applied

Personal Connection

Issachar is enthusiastic about the idea of supplying sponsors with the background and contact details of the student allocated to you, so that you can build a relationship with them and assist them in their personal development. Please tell us if you wish for such a personal connection and if there is a particular trade or profession you would prefer to support. Whether we can match you up with your best choice would of course depend upon the students selected by our committee.

Current Supported Students

Testimonies from Supported Students

Stacey Muki, Dental student

My father died when I was 9 and my uncle who had initially supported me was no longer able to continue. I cried, and complained to my mother, but she told me to cry and complain to God instead. I thought I was not going to continue my studies in 2022. A few weeks later, I was given an application form to fill. God has truly answered my prayers and those of my mother through Issachar trust fund

Daniel Alua, Secondary school teacher trainee

My parents worked very hard to support me during the first two years of my training, providing money through raising pigs. I struggled to achieve good grades because they could not afford dormitory fees. In 2022, my grades have lifted substantially despite illness and an earthquake destroying much of the University infrastructure. One more year to go.

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact one of the following:

Max Stevenson
027 283 9537

Geoff Liddle
021 370730

Ossie Fountain
021 135 1746

John Hodgkinson
027 664 8112