Ronald Muna

A seed that bears much fruit.

The new principal of Ambassadors Bible College has weathered a few challenges in his ministry, but he is committed to building the work in his home town and nearby regions. Ronald is from Guala, 4 kilometres from Koroba in Hela Province. He began teaching at what was then called Guala Bible School in 2011, for a time dividing his time between there and Porgera Bible School in Enga Province - two days travel away by bus. 

Two years ago, a severe earthquake damaged Ambassadors Bible College. Ronald and others are now working on rebuilding, providing students with two classrooms and an office block, in addition to his regular duties. In June, he travelled to back to Porgera to support the ministry there before returning to Guala. 

Ronald is a graduate of CLTC. He studied from 2008 to 2011, completing his Diploma in Missions. From 2011 to 2014 he taught at Ambassadors Bible College, then returned to CLTC in 2015 to complete his BTh. 

While he was at Porgera Bible School last year, strengthening a church plant in the gold mining town, someone stole his laptop, phone and money from his room. Despite this, he carried on until the end of the year.  

This year, the elders at Guala appointed Ronald principal of the college in Guala. 

​The GC3 Scholarship Fund

The GC3 Scholarship Fund nurtures national believers to pursue biblical studies, preferably in their home country. The capital fund currently sits at $101,000; only interest on this capital is distributed, so our impact is affected by the financial climate. These scholarships cover up to half of students’ costs, such as course fees, accommodation, books and travel.  

These students live in places where local churches find it difficult to fund ministry training, particularly India, Asia and the Pacific Rim. In each case, a scholarship can make the difference between someone pursuing Bible training or deferring this calling.  

The harvest is ripe, but the workers are few. Help us raise up national believers like Martin & Matilda Komau, training them to know God’s word and to disciple others. 


Read more about the GC3 Scholarship Fund by Ossie Fountain here.  

Contact Sefton Marshall on 06 357 8388 if you would like to know more or have any questions about the Scholarship Fund.