What is GC Aid?

GC Aid was established in 2008 to focus our attention on humanitarian needs to provide for the relief of suffering.

Many of our Mission Partners and affiliated organisations are involved with these adversities as part of their daily ministries. The goal for GC Aid is to assist in the transformation of communities both within and outside New Zealand with the use of resources that we may be able to provide. Our focus has primarily been given to disaster relief. Considerable funds have come through GC Aid for disasters in Australia, the Philippines, Samoa, Japan, the Horn of Africa, Christchurch and Haiti. GC Aid sincerely thanks those who have supported projects in these times of extreme need.

GC Aid collects funds to provide humanitarian assistance & holistic development for individuals & communities.

The Deed of Trust for GC Aid provides for these objects and purposes –

The holistic development and transformation of communities and individuals within and outside New Zealand, including (but not limited to) all or any of the following:

• Relief of suffering
• Disaster relief
• Health services
• Educational services
• Economic aid
• Long and short term economic aid and assistance

and to fulfil the above objects and purposes, to work in conjunction with aid workers and Governmental and non-Governmental agencies within any particular country.

Donations qualify for Tax Credit claims for qualifying projects and disaster relief.