Headspace - Thailand - Wks 7/8

Team One: School on the border
Team one heads to the border and continues the work teaching and building relationships with the students at the school on the border.

  • Pray that the teaching and relationships started by the first team will provide a good base for this team to build on. Pray that the great opportunities we have here to teach about Jesus would be used wisely to benefit the students and teachers.

Team Two: Payap, Chiang Mai
Team two spend their time with Payap Christian Zone, a local church. The team will spend most of their time teaching, going to local childrens homes and joining in with general church activities.

  • Pray for great relationships to be built here with the church family and the various other people the team will work with. Pray that the leaders would be energized and strengthened as they continue to lead the teams and that there would be great connection between the teams while they are apart.