Supporting meaningful ways of helping those in need.

GCAid: Project Eligibility Application


GC Aid was established in January 2008.

Our Trust Deed states our objects and purposes are –

(a)   the following activities which further the holistic development and transformation of communities and individuals inside New Zealand:

  • Relief of suffering

  • Disaster relief

  • Health services

  • Educational services

  • Long and short term economic aid and assistance;

(b) to also carry out all the above activities in such countries as are recognised by the United Nations as being developing countries as well as such other things as further economic development, the raising of economic standards and the relief of poverty, hunger and the ravages of war in those; and

(c) to fulfil the above objects and purposes, to work in conjunction with aid workers and Governmental and non-Governmental agencies.

This clearly explains the reason for our existence, and we always strive to maximize the delivery of what we are about.

At GC Aid, we need to ensure the donations given to us are used exclusively for the purpose for which they are given.

Some of our reasons for insisting on this are –

  1. We enjoy the complete trust of many individuals and organisations, and we do not in any way want to compromise that trust.

  2. Our underpinning ethos is one of strict, transparent integrity.

  3. Our prime objective is to have our aid funds benefit and advantage as many people as possible.

  4. Legally our status for Governmental assistance and support depends on the rigorous adherence to the values covered in following assessment.

It is essential for us therefore to have your agreement that you will act within the parameters we set and provide the information we require.  For us to partner with you, these requirements are non-negotiable.

We invite you to consider the following form and respond accordingly. 


If you would prefer to complete the form offline, you can download the document and email or post it to us.

Thanks for your application. Once received, we will review the information and make contact with you.