GC3 invites you to a day of mission-focused learning and interactions. We’ll explore how to grow as missional communities, present new opportunities for young people to engage in “mission as service to life,” and explore mission opportunities and progress in a Covid-pivoting world.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Marty Emmett

Missions pivot in a Covid world

Max Chismon

Growing missional churches

Matt Lister

Youth – the future of mission

Other Session Speakers Include:

Kevin & Yessenia (Day 19 - Bolivia)

GC3 will be represented by various members of the team and
will provide you with updates on the direction of the organisation
and information on how GC3 can serve you.

Mission as Service to Life


Saturday 27th November, 2021

9.30am - 3pm

Lifezone Church
7 Oak Lane
Judea, Tauranga

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About the Speakers

Marty Emmett

Marty & Candice Emmett are based in Tauranga NZ and help give leadership to the YWAM Furnace Community and also YWAM Ships Aotearoa.  Marty (a kiwi born and raised in Whanganui) has been serving in YWAM since 2002,  but Candice (an American lass) has been in the mission since 1999.

As a family, we are deeply passionate about seeing young people realise the fullness of their calling in Jesus. We love Jesus with everything that we are, we love the nations, but we believe New Zealand is the greatest country in the world. 

We are a classic cross cultural ywam family containing 12 passports (America & NZ). After Jesus, our greatest passion is our 4 adorable kids (Malachi -13, Josiah -13, Aysia -10 and Israel -6).  

Max Chismon

Max, and his wife Dorothy, have lived and ministered in the Philippines since the late 1970s. Their ministry has helped in the mobilization of the Filipino Church to reach out to the thirteen unreached Muslim people groups in southern Philippines, numbering over five million. Today, all of these people groups have one or more fellowships of worshiping believers and thousands are now followers of Jesus. 

Together with their Filipino team and a growing international, multi-cultural team, the mobilizing ministry of Simply Mobilizing (SM) is now in twelve global regions and in over 100 countries around the world. 


SM’s courses and programs are designed to challenge and change worldview to a truly Biblical worldview that sees living a life on mission with God as being normal Christian living, for all God’s people.

Matt Lister

GC3’s Youth Director, Matt Lister was born in Cape Town. He grew up in Australia and is an experienced youth worker. He holds a BA in Ministry from the Harvest Bible College in Melbourne. Matt is well travelled, having served in Northern Thailand for three years as a photographer for an anti-child-sex trafficking organisation which led him to projects in the surrounding South/East Asian countries. Matt joined GC3 in 2019 and is now developing a youth programme, which comes alongside young people at a pivotal age to equip them for life as mission. The programme takes on a wholistic approach with a variety of experienced-based learning to prepare young people for the adult world, broadening their perspective of God’s mission and their place in it. The programme will use intercultural encounters throughout the whole year as launching pads to reflect and inform their personal responses.

Keep an eye out for news of the programme as it is developed.