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 IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM - Hope for the desperate in Colombia

Experience the colourful adventures of two missionaries thriving in the chaotic Colombian culture.

You are invited into the home of Kathleen and her sister Anita, in the town of Armenia in Colombia, South America. Through the pages of this thrilling true story, at any time you might encounter people desperately searching for solutions:

  • Abandoned children
  • Drug-lords, drug addicts
  • Devout Catholics, divorcees
  • Evangelical pastors, Satanists, New-agers
  • The gender confused, the suicidal
  • Ex-paramilitary, ex-guerillas

What answers do Kathleen and her sister Anita, who have a counselling, mentoring and teaching ministry, give to those searching for hope and meaning in life. What can you glean from this amazing real-life memoir and gems of inspirational wisdom? Let yourself be touched by the gentle but direct guidance given, and receive a legacy of unique spiritual treasures. 

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