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No doubt you have seen on mainstream media the vast area of land under water in Mozambique. The situation there is unbelievably dire. Thousands have lost their lives; infrastructure is gone; crops are ruined.

Will you help? Through GC Aid we have an opportunity to make a real impact. Dean Yeoman (DPG pg 10), a helicopter pilot & engineer with Mercy Air, has been flying medical teams into remote parts of Southern Mozambique since 2012. He knows the challenges of the country really well. Although He and Kayleen retired from that work at the end of 2018, Dean is making his way to get back there asap in order to assist in the relief efforts. Through Dean we can be confident our gifts will be well used for the cost of flying aid in, and also for providing some of the essentials for life that are required.



Kudjip has been my home for the last two months, where I am working as a medical doctor at this 120-bed hospital. As well as a lot of learning and growing medically, I’ve enjoyed grappling with a different way of seeing the world and particularly illness. These experiences have challenged some of...
A full-on work-experience! The team have just started working six days a week, nine and half hours a day in a local kiwifruit packhouse. Relief comes at the weekly team nights: where they meet, have a meal and hang-out times. During this time there are also opportunities to connect with co-workers...