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Heavy rain and flash flooding has hit the communities of West Papua and a huge mudslide has taken the lives of at least 58 people so far, and many more are missing, possibly buried beneath a sea of mud. There are reports of children been swept away from their parents as the flash flood roared through the area.

A local Church leader is advising that four of their churches have been buried beneath the mud and that one of their Pastors is missing and thought to be buried in his church building.

LifeChurch and Word Of Life are on location assisting those who have been impacted by this event by providing them with cooked meals and comfort.

It is continuing to rain heavily in Papua and people are worried about further flooding and more mudslides.

UPDATE: 20/3/19 - 2.15pm NZST

- Over 4000 homeless
- The death toll has risen to 98
- 8 Churches damaged
- 6 Churches completely destroyed

A number of those killed took shelter inside the church buildings that were destroyed, including 5 of the Pastors of those churches.

- Lui Ponifasio

If you would like to make a donation towards helping the people and communities that have been impacted by this disaster, click here.


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