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For their final week the team will be together doing a work project at a home for girls that have been abused. It is a home for girls under the age of 18, where they are shown the love of God and given help for physical and emotional recovery.

Pray for continued enthusiasm for their time in Thailand as some team members potentially start to feel homesick. Pray that they would have strength and energy to give their all at this last project for the trip.


GC3 has a long history of association with many mission partners. During the past 118 years, support has been provided to many Kiwis who have given the best years of their lives to present the ‘Good News of Jesus’ in cross-cultural settings around the globe. Responding to the call of God on their...
One thing is clear. There is a serious leadership meltdown in the Church today. All across the Christendom continuum, the cry for the need for visionary leaders with integrity is being echoed. For years we have been training leaders who only know how to maintain the status quo. They may answer a...