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GC Aid is now collecting funds for relief for those affected by the Kerala Floods. It will take some time for the clean-up and for people’s lives to go back to normal.

If you would to contribute to this cause, please


or direct your gifts to:

Bank account # 06 0729 0522196 00. 

GC Aid has forwarded in advance $10,000 to Gospel Fellowship Trust of India to help with these needs.


Above Image: The full moon as we gathered for a sunrise service this morning Death and suffering are part of every day here, raising questions about justice, worth, inequality and power. I’ve noticed a lot of parallels to the world of the gospels, where Jesus spoke to many of those questions. I’ve...
God’s heart breaks for the displaced, disadvantaged, marginalised and exploited in this world. In the Bible these groups of people are described as ‘fatherless’, ‘widows’, ‘the poor’, ‘the foreigner’, ‘the afflicted’ and ‘victims’. While that’s not an exhaustive list, it certainly paints for us a...