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GC Aid is now collecting funds for relief for those affected by the Kerala Floods. It will take some time for the clean-up and for people’s lives to go back to normal.

If you would to contribute to this cause, please


or direct your gifts to:

Bank account # 06 0729 0522196 00. 

GC Aid has forwarded in advance $10,000 to Gospel Fellowship Trust of India to help with these needs.


Please pray for the family of Sylvia Wright. Sylvia passed away in the early hours of Monday 11 March. She will be remembered as a loved mission partner who served her Lord for a great length of time in India. If anyone would like a copy of her memoirs – A Nurse on a Mission – Please contact her...
The tragedy of the events in Christchurch on Friday provides opportunities for Christians to lament with, and to support folk in the Muslim community across the country. Please continue to pray into the situation, that the love of Jesus will be very evident and that God’s Spirit will be at work in...