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Bill & Angela (Day 1) - Departs 28 February
David (Day 13) - Departs 21 February
Graham & Betty (Day 20) - Departed 4 February - Return 25 July

Northcross Community Church would like to confirm that Grant & Nilva Heffernan have returned permanently to New Zealand as from 15th December and that their commendation has ceased.

Ray Morris, who along with his late wife, Dorothy, served the Lord in Zaire and then later amongst Indian tribes in the United States, passed away on 3 February. Pray for his family and friends who will mourn his loss.



GC3 has a long history of association with many mission partners. During the past 118 years, support has been provided to many Kiwis who have given the best years of their lives to present the ‘Good News of Jesus’ in cross-cultural settings around the globe. Responding to the call of God on their...
One thing is clear. There is a serious leadership meltdown in the Church today. All across the Christendom continuum, the cry for the need for visionary leaders with integrity is being echoed. For years we have been training leaders who only know how to maintain the status quo. They may answer a...