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Bill & Angela (Day 1) - Departs 28 February
David (Day 13) - Departs 21 February
Graham & Betty (Day 20) - Departed 4 February - Return 25 July

Northcross Community Church would like to confirm that Grant & Nilva Heffernan have returned permanently to New Zealand as from 15th December and that their commendation has ceased.

Ray Morris, who along with his late wife, Dorothy, served the Lord in Zaire and then later amongst Indian tribes in the United States, passed away on 3 February. Pray for his family and friends who will mourn his loss.



Connie was upset. She was hearing the ominous rustle of plastic bags far too often. It meant only one thing: her husband was leaving her again. Walking away from the problem. Again. Refusing to face up to the consequences of his actions. Again. She had not lost count; this was the twelfth time. As...
The team heads back to Chiang Mai to spend time at the Agape childrens home. The work they do here will be mostly practical projects. They will also get to spend time with the children. Pray for health, strength and energy for the team as they get stuck into a work project here. Pray that the work...