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Readers of e-Connect will be aware we at GC3 have appointed Matt Lister as our new Youth Director (refer 24 July). Matt will be officially taking up that role on Friday, 18th October. He can be contacted on 0226 525 931.

Charlie Shadbolt will continue to be involved with the Headspace team until the celebration of their year on November 9th. (Note your diary to be a part of that amazing event at Lifezone at 1:00.) And she will continue to be available in an advisory role for a while after that.

We thank God for Charlie and for all she has brought to the leadership of Headspace and mission awareness among youth over the past eight and a half years. She and Mike have made considerable sacrifices during this period to enable her to invest her life into developing the hearts of many young people for God and His mission. We will miss her, especially her dedication and commitment, her energy and ability to think strategically, and her friendship and godly wisdom. Charlie, we wish you and Mike God’s very best as you start a family.

Bruce Stormer
On behalf of the GC3 Board


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