Peter and Francelle

Teaching the Bible in Morroco
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Peter and Francelle Somervell have always been passionate about missions and now feel it’s time to serve the Lord in North Africa.

They have worked in churches for over 30 years in New Zealand and the USA. They have four adult children—Mark, Luke, Katherine, and Emma—who live in New Zealand. 

Peter has a background in pastoral ministry. He has served as chairman of SGA (Slavic Gospel Assoc.) for 15 years and also trained pastors in New Zealand through the Movement of the Word. Francelle is a qualified primary school teacher. She has gifts in Bible teaching, discipleship, and counseling. 

Rabat International Church
Peter and Francelle will be based at Rabat International Church ( in Rabat, Morocco, where Peter will be the Associate Pastor. The church has about 130 people from over 25 countries. The congregation and leadership are always changing, which keeps everyone on their toes.

Peter and Francelle visited Rabat early in 2024 and discovered a wonderful vibrancy in the church. It’s the only evangelical church in the city; if you don’t get on with someone, there isn’t anywhere else to go! They found the believers living prayerful, purposeful lives - caring deeply for one another and their neighbours. The church is much more than a social club. It’s their spiritual home. As one woman said, “If it wasn’t for [Rabat International Church], I wouldn’t be here.” 

They will focus on teaching, training, pastoral care, and learning local languages (Darija and French). 

Morocco has 38 million people and is predominantly Muslim, with Christians making up less than 0.1%. It is a monarchy with a rich blend of African, European, and Middle Eastern cultures.

Partner with Peter and Francelle


  • Language learning!
    This will take up a fair amount of time, particularly in the first year

  • Cross-cultural adjustment

  • Good health

  • Adequate financial support 

  • Servant hearts

  • Relationship building 

  • Opportunities for the gospel


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