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INTERN 2017 & 2018

Being an intern gave me the opportunity to dig deeper into God's word through study, develop mentoring skills, and learn more about myself while on the crazy adventure that Headspace is! I really enjoy the community aspect of Headspace - it is such a unique opportunity to be known on a deeper level and be a part of the exciting growth and change in others throughout the year.



Deciding to come on Headspace this year has been the best decision I’ve ever made! I have grown so much and learnt so much this year about God and the bible. One thing I will remember is the importance of missions, both overseas and in your community. I have loved going through this year with a bunch of cool people my own age.



Headspace is an incredible journey filled with fun, adventure and challenge. I have grown in my walk with God, and have learnt so much about community and God’s true purpose for you. It’s blown my expectations out of the water, just do it!



The year that God changed my perspective on Himself, the world, and myself – and I loved every moment.... even the hard ones.



It’s by no means an easy year, but it’s an absolutely worthwhile one – it builds a foundation for the rest of your life. You learn to live life intentionally for God, no matter what you’re doing.




Headspace was an incredible opportunity to take a year out from the pressure of mainstream society. It was a time where I learned to grow my leadership ability, live in some incredible places, be challenged by the opinions of others and learn bucket loads about faith and the integration of my Christian faith and real life. For me it was the highlight of living in community that impacted me the most.